Birthday Fun with Balloon Time

    You may have seen me mention online, but it was Dexter’s birthday yesterday. I’m now the proud mother of two boys aged 20 and 11, although to this day, I maintain I don’t look nearly old enough.   I told Dexter, perhaps somewhat naïvely, that he could do what ever he liked on […]

My Birthday Wishlist – Part 1

  As September has now formally announced itself and I’ve explained how much I love it in this post here … let’s just cut to the chase and talk birthdays.   Specifically mine.   Birthdays haven’t really been celebrated much in my household over the years … I say ‘birthdays’, I mean MY birthday.  Don’t […]

Son’s 7th Birthday Party .. If he Makes It

It will be my son’s seventh birthday tomorrow.  God willing he makes it to the weekend because if he reminds me about his birthday once more, it’s highly unlikely. But I do I love that about him … most days.  His constant enthusiasm, excitement and eagerness about everything, (apart from teeth cleaning and putting his […]

Imperfect, Beautiful, Jammy Victoria

So yesterday was my son’s sixteenth birthday. Bit of a milestone – one which, in some ways,  I’m trying to ignore as it makes me feel incredibly old. Which I am. But I try to gloss over that.  Suffice to say that the application of Touche Eclat is getting thicker and thicker each day. 


I couldn’t let the day pass without mentioning the fact that today, it is officially my fortieth birthday.  I have complained about this day coming for long enough now, so thank you to those of you who were kind enough to listen.  Both of you. And now B-Day has arrived!  This momentous, defining, monumental day […]