The Echo of Mum

  I was searching for a specific old photo of me yesterday because I’m involved in a really fun project with (more of that in another post.)  It was so lovely reminiscing.  The fashion, THE HAIR … the photos of my Mum who I miss dearly.   This photo jumped out at me for several […]

Lynda Bellingham & My Mum

  So you know how WitWitWoo is predominantly a cheery, fun, kinda frivolous place to be?  Well it’s specifically designed that way because there is enough misery in the world in my humble opinion, and I want my blog to be a place where you can come and have fun. Smile. Nod along a bit. […]

Remembrance: Guest Post at Domestic Goddesque

Kelly at Domestic Goddesque, kindly asked if I’d like to contribute a post to her blog.  I wrote about Remembrance … in particular about my beloved late Nan (or ‘Little Nan’ as we called her!) I asked the question – are we who we are because of our experiences or because of the legacies our […]

Little Legacy #1 The Knitter

Little legacy is a remembrance project , a positive and creative space, to celebrate small things handed down by predecessors. I’ve been really inspired lately by Penny’s posts (Alexander Residence,) in her Little Legacy series.  It’s about sharing little nuggets of wisdom that have been passed down to us by lost loved ones.  Memories that we have forgotten for a […]

Silent Sunday … Explained

Inspiration for blog posts comes in all forms.  Seeing a photo; overhearing a conversation; watching the news. Endless possibilities.  Yesterday, I posted a very personal photo on WitWitWoo and was so touched by everyone’s comments on my Silent Sunday photo, I felt the need to write a blog post about it today. I know we’re […]

The Gallery: Love

This is my first offering to The Gallery. For those who won’t know what The Gallery is, it’s run by the wonderful Tara Cain over at Sticky Fingers. Every week a new theme is offered and people are invited to post their favourite photo and explain how it relates to that particular theme. There are some amazing photos and equally inspiring […]

Five Years On …

  I have really strange dreams.  Dreams where I’m She-Ra, dreams where I’ve won the lottery, where I’m a bodybuilder, where I live in the Hebrides … and also a lot of dreams where my Mum is still alive.  They’re not morbid.  They’re comforting.  According to psychologists’ books, I should have moved past this phase […]