Sunday at the Seaside

Sunday morning is normally pretty hectic in our house – mainly with football shenanigans. However, as the season has finished for us now (THANK GOD), today was the second Sunday this year that I have had a lie-in. Except … as I’m living in my Dad’s spare room, the curtains in there are very thin, there are no […]

I’m a Size 18 And I Wore A Bikini

I can’t believe it was only a week ago that I was on holiday in Fuerteventura with Dexter – the week has flown by.  We had such a great time pretty much … not doing a great deal really.  We swam, I read a book AND an obligatory crappy woman’s magazine (although I also read […]

Day Trip to Whitstable

  It is officially 26 days until Dexter and I go on our summer holiday … our first one together in 7 years.   You would not believe the excitement levels happening in our house right now. Seriously. In fact, we even had a day trip to Whitstable yesterday to do a trial run to […]

Things I Hate About the Beach

    I’m back! Did you miss me? OK, fair point – a week in Whistable hardly constitutes a fanfare return … but just for once, it’d be nice y’know? Just FYI.   Anyway, we had a lovely time away – staying at a friend’s gorgeous house right by the harbour. We were lucky with […]

Mother’s Guilt

We’re about halfway through the school summer holidays and Dexter is off to the beach today.  He’s pretty excited, as most eight year olds would be.  We packed his bag this morning, both still half asleep after watching last nights Olympics Closing Ceremony (although by the time of the rollerblading nuns, Dexter had wisely fallen […]

The One Where … I Took 180 Kids To The Beach

As some of you may remember, I was a parent helper at Skig’s school earlier this year.  I did it for four months until some temporary paid work finally came in and I had no choice but to leave.  I loved every minute of helping in Year 1.  I was generally asked to help out […]