Finally time for a housewarming party!

  After giving you this update about the new house, we are now two weeks further on and I felt it was time to officially celebrate by throwing a small, yet perfectly formed, housewarming party.   I held it on Sunday just gone but the weather had been very variable all week so it was […]

Bank Holiday with Morrisons

    Last week, as the Bank Holiday approached, the supermarket, Morrisons, very kindly gave lots (and lots) of bloggers £80 in vouchers to spend in-store, and asked them to blog about their experience as part of a #MorrisonsMum campaign.   I’d missed the email from BritMums (who were organising the blogger outreach) but noticed […]

Ahoy There! My Living Social Adventure

I normally do my grocery shopping on a Saturday.  Or, if I’m really lucky, I get to do the hoovering and washing.  Great eh?  But you know what?  Sometimes, if I’m particularly canny about it … I bunk off.  I take myself to the bottom of the garden and sunbathe.  Or I go to the […]

Son’s 7th Birthday Party .. If he Makes It

It will be my son’s seventh birthday tomorrow.  God willing he makes it to the weekend because if he reminds me about his birthday once more, it’s highly unlikely. But I do I love that about him … most days.  His constant enthusiasm, excitement and eagerness about everything, (apart from teeth cleaning and putting his […]