7 Gorgeous Christmas Dresses For Curvy Women

Following on from my last fashion-y blog post, 7 of the best autumn jumpers, I bring you … *drumroll* … 7 gorgeous Christmas dresses for curvy women, just in time for the party season. The party season, I should point out, that I don’t really partake in anymore because I’m a single woman that works for herself. But that’s by-the-by, the rest of you may be able to make use of a lovely party dress!


I’ve used websites that I often shop at, and I’ve said I think these dresses would suit a curvier figure like me but obviously, anyone can wear anything they want! But because I have experience of shopping at (most) of the sites, you’ll know that the sizing will be good, true to size and they cater for all sizes, and I wouldn’t share anything with you I wouldn’t buy myself. Also, this isn’t sponsored, just sharing the love a little.


Here we go.


Burgundy Velvet Wrap Dress With Belt – Little Mistress: £49


christmas dress for curvy women


This first dress is from a website called Little Mistress. And I’ve started with this dress because it’s the one website I’ve never heard of before, but when I Googled ‘party dresses’ this one jumped out at me. Gorgeous burgundy colour, velvet, which is very on-trend but I know it’s not for everyone (but it IS for Christmas!) It comes in a size 16-26, and you get 20% off your first order if you sign up to their newsletter. I already own a very similar non-velvet version, but I think this is beautiful.


Black Lace Sleeve Choker Neck Bodycon Dress – River Island: £55


christmas dress for curvy women


christmas dress for curvy women


You can’t beat a black, fitted dress with a touch of lace detail for a Christmas party dress and this dress from River Island is lovely. I think it’s sexy, but modest, ending just below the leg, and shows just a hint of cleavage. If I had a Christmas party to go to, I think this is the dress I’d wear. It comes in sizes 4-18, but currently the size 4 and 18 are out of stock.


Lipsy VIP Sweetheart Neckline Lace Midi Dress – Next: £130


christmas dress for curvy women

christmas dress for curvy women

I’m a sucker for lace at Christmas but never wear it any other time of year! This midi-length dress is from Lipsy, but being sold at Next, and has a flattering sweetheart neckline. It’s quite pricey but I would say it’s perfect for a special occasion and wouldn’t go out of fashion so you can bosh it out every year and really get your money’s worth. Available in sizes 4-18.

Zoe V Neck Choker Midi Dress Black – Silk Fred: £35


christmas dress for curvy women


christmas dress for curvy women

This stunning dress from Silk Fred is such a good price. It comes in red and black, and if you’re like me, and get a little … hot and sweaty on a night out, the short, frilled sleeves are ideal. It’s just so sexy isn’t it? I’m so tempted to buy this but I should point out that it only comes in sizes 8-16, and I’m not sure if it’s at all stretchy, so bear that in mind.

Dylan Dress Forest – Silk Fred: £79


christmas dress for curvy women


christmas dress for curvy women

Wow right? OK, this is a little out of my comfort zone, and maybe yours, and I don’t think the girls would appreciate being quite so on show, but I couldn’t resist including another dress from Silk Fred for the more adventurous among you. The colour would go great with my red hair, it’s available in sizes S/M M/L but y’know, it’s not the most forgiving dress, it’s just soooo pretty.

Velvet Cold Should Wrap Velvet Dress – Booohoo via ASOS:  £25

christmas dress for curvy women


christmas dress for curvy women

I find ASOS really hit and miss as an older, curvier woman, and if I do shop there, I tend to go straight to the Curve section, which is where this dress is from. I would perhaps pair this with a metallic belt and matching shoes. Flats knowing me. I think this dress is good for hiding a bigger tummy and is a lot less revealing than the previous dress! Available in sizes 16-24 and it also comes in black.

Long Sleeve Midi Lace Bodycon Dress with Contrast Mesh – ASOS Curve: £32


christmas dress for curvy women


christmas dress for curvy women

You may need to bring the Spanx out for this bad boy from ASOS Curve, but it would really accentuate all your curves! I like the little cap sleeve detail on the mesh sleeve because I’m not great with strapless bras and think I could get away with just letting the bra straps on a normal bra drop down slightly. But I’d have to try it on and see if it worked. If you look closely, the material is like an embossed lace and I just think this is a seriously sexy dress. Available in sizes 16-30.


I hope you like what I’ve chosedn. I’ve stuck to a red/black/green Christmas colour scheme but obviously when it comes to fashion, there are no rules. I tend to stick to similar styles that I know suit my body shape, and I’m still learning about what suits me, so wrap styles, midi-length, V-neck/low-cut … but other than that, if I just like the look of something I’ll buy it. Money permitting of course!


Happy shopping … do let me know if you treat yourself to any of these dresses, I’d love to see how lovely you look in them.


kate sutton

Very Awkward Dating Situation – Advice Needed!

Do you remember me mentioning last week in this dating post that I had a really awkward dating story to tell you? Right, here we go. But first, I should say that I don’t want you all to kick your husbands in the goolies tonight when I say this next sentence, because the chances are, I’m not talking about him, and please don’t all DM me to ask, but …. I saw my friend’s husband on Tinder last week.


Now, for those of you who aren’t on dating sites and are less cynical than me, you may think that it wasn’t really him and someone has just ‘borrowed’ his personal photos. One of the photos is from his personal Facebook page, so they’d have to be friends with him to do that, but yeah, you could be right. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a catfish situation.


His photo popped up and caught my eye – he’s a good looking bloke. And then I thought, hmm, he looks awfully familiar. So I scrolled through his photos and then it hit me how I ‘knew’ him. We’ve never met. His wife isn’t a friend per se, but we’ve known each other for years, indirectly through work, and she often shares photos of them together online, which is why I knew who he was.


He used a fake name. His profile said he was looking for a relationship. One of his photos was of him at work, and it’s a very specialised job. One was a ‘joke’ photo, which wasn’t particularly funny.


I would have swiped right though, even if I hadn’t have known who he was, because he’s hot. And Tinder is that type of app. But I looked at his photos again and was undecided how to play it. Just swipe left (ie. say no) and ignore it had ever happened? Swipe right (ie. say yes) and hope that he doesn’t swipe right too and I then don’t have to deal with it? Or some other plan that I couldn’t come up with because I was in a bit of a panic about the whole thing.


I swiped right and just figured I wouldn’t be his type anyway, but ten minutes later, my phone pinged.


We had matched.


Balls. Now I had to make a decision about what to do. Tell her before we’ve even chatted? Even though we haven’t spoken for years. Un-match immediately and forget it ever happened? Or set up a honey-trap and see what he does … although I really couldn’t be bothered to do that.


So at this stage, ask yourselves what would you have done? They have children. It could have been a catfish and not him at all. I’m not close friends with the wife, but I’m a huge supporter of all women and equally felt she should have known. But known what? ARGHHHH!! 


To cut a long story short, during the half hour or so it took me to make a decision about what to do, we un-matched, or rather he un-matched me. And I think it’s because he’d realised that I knew his wife. Tinder links your Facebook profiles as far as I’m aware so often you’ll see what friends and Facebook Likes you have in common – it’s meant to help you decide if you’ll be a good match I guess. So whether his wife’s face popped up as a mutual match, he got found out or realised what an absolute dirtbag thing it was to do … or he deleted his profile and created another one with someone’s else’s photos, we’ll never know.


But it does leave me in somewhat of a dilemma. I don’t know exactly what his intentions were, whether it was to cheat on her, or ‘just’ get an ego boost, but either way, what a prick thing to do. I’m fuming for her and for us genuine single women who go on these dating apps with honest intentions. And I know women must do this sort of thing too, but it really grinds my gears because dating is hard enough already, without your friend’s husband chancing his arm. Or any other part of his anatomy.


So .. WWYD? (What Would You Do?) I know what I think I’ll do but I’m interested to hear your opinions.


kate sutton

Updating My House With Prints From Pixers

As you know, I live in a rented house. I’ve been here for two years and although the decoration is ‘slightly’ (very) old-fashioned, for the most part, it’s been a good home to us. I haven’t been able to decorate but I did, of course, bring with me a few items that I managed to cling onto after I lost my house post-relationship break-up.


The shabby-chic sideboard that I bought from eBay that doesn’t really fit with anything else in the room with a tea stain on the top, the mis-matching coffee tables, the sofa bought from Gumtree that is now all bobbly on the arms, and the dining room chairs I put together by my own fair hand. These were items that weren’t too expensive, but they were all I could afford at the time … and they’re mine. I worked hard for them and I’m proud of myself for at least attempting to create a lovely home for my sons to live in. 


One thing I’ve never really invested in, perhaps because it just felt too frivolous at the time, is artwork. I have two key pieces in my lounge that mean a lot to me – a massive painting that I reviewed on the blog a few years ago but to me, represents me looking out to the water, embarking on a new solo life, and a canvas print of me aged seven, sitting on my Mum’s lap, looking up at her. Whenever I look up from the TV or my laptop, I see her. It’s wonderful.


And that’s the great thing about artwork. It has the power to evoke an emotion in you.


So when Pixers got in touch recently, and asked if I’d like to choose a few items from their website for my home, I jumped at the chance. (And I’ll also be sharing a fab 40% discount code with you later on.) They specialise in wallpaper, murals, prints, posters, canvas prints and stickers and I think you’ll really love what they have to offer.


I decided to not go with the stickers, purely because I was nervous about my landlords’ reaction, but was assured you can easily un-peel them and move them around. Besides, I decided I’d quite like to choose a few pictures.


I went with a large canvas print, that I’ve now put above my bed, a small frame print that is my lounge and another framed print that strangely, seems really at home in the toilet. Sounds weird, but it works.



























What do you think? Art is very personal, so my choices might not be your cup of tea but I think you’ll find plenty on the site to like. They’re all very different from each other but when I was looking through the website, these just jumped out at me for some reason. Dexter and I are currently fighting over who gets the fox/wolf (I’m winning so far – it’s in the lounge), but I might buy one for him for Christmas. Here are the links to the products I chose:



The website is really user-friendly and one of the features I most liked, because I have no idea what any sized print looks like and always end up buying one too big or too small, is that when you choose the size you want, it shows you what it would look like on the wall. Genius! So you’ll never choose the wrong sized print again.


I’m really happy with my choices. If my bedroom was tidy right now, I’d show you what the pink mountain looked like above my bed. But it’s not, so you’ll have to just imagine, but it’s really brought the whole magnolia room to life.




I have a fantastic reader offer for you if you’re interested in buying any of Pixers’ products, and that’s a whopping 40% discount. Just use the name ‘WitWitWoo’ when ordering, and it will deduct 40% from your order price. With Christmas coming up, it’s perfect timing.


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What Is BAMO? And Why You Need To Know It If You’re Single

Online dating really is a tale of two halves. One half being dating nice, normal blokes with it either leading to further dates or it just ends, amicably, after one date. The other half is dealing with men who like to play ‘the game.’ The game being … actually, I’m still really not sure what the aim of the game is, other to have their ego stroked in the knowledge that they’ve still got it. They’re THE MAN. The fact that they’ve got ‘it’ by means of deception is irrelevant to them, but hey, I’m splitting hairs right?


So, in the era of dating having its own terminology (y’all have been ghosted right?), my best friend and I have invented an acronym that all singletons must learn and, more importantly, adhere by. It’ll save you valuable time wondering whether the person you’re talking to online is genuinely into you or not.


BAMO. Block And Move On.


I’ve dated online long enough to have heard it all. Dating bullshit is just background noise to me now and I’ve learnt not to take it so personally, but it’s still a massive ball ache having to wade through it all to find genuine men. Here are some of the things men have said to me JUST THIS WEEK. I hear the same lines over and over (and over) again. It’s exhausting.


  • “Oh yeah, I had to delete Tinder because I’ve been stalked, so you’ll see me un-match you, but that’s why.” (Not because his wife found out of course.)


  • (In response to me suggesting we swap numbers after two days of chatting.) “I’d prefer to get to know you on the app first.” (And then promptly un-matching me when I suggested he might not be single.)


  • “I’ll definitely come down and see you. The woman shouldn’t travel on the first date.” (Un-matched on Tinder the next day.)


  • “Not show up? I know you don’t know me yet but please you need to know I’m a decent person.” (He didn’t show up.)


  • “I will only ever be honest, respectful and generally awesome to you.” (He was none of those things.)


I could go on. I kid you not, it’s endless bullshit and particularly hard for novice daters to disseminate but my dating radar (Dadar?) is pretty good now and I can spot a dickhead a mile off. But I shouldn’t have to! My point is, I now have a zero tolerance policy when I feel like I’m being played and at the first sign of dickwaddery, BAMO!


It’s very liberating. To know that you’ve recognised what’s happening early on, you’ve taken control of the situation and that you won’t waste any of your precious time on that person.


Granted, I’m quite a black and white person. You cross me, you’re kinda dead to me, but I never used to be like that and in a way it’s quite sad that I feel that way through no fault of my own, but I refuse to play someone else’s game.


Why do they do it? Bored at work. Low self-esteem. Married. Or maybe they just think it’s funny to lead a woman on, but my patience is wearing thin and the dating apps have been deleted again until I have the patience to put myself through it all again. I have another horror to share with you that happened this week, but I’ll save that for when I’m feeling up to going through all of this again. 


I’m hoping to go out OUT on Saturday with my best friend, to meet real people … like IN REAL LIFE. It can’t be any worse than Tinder can it? 


kate sutton

My Near Death Experience … And The 3 Things That Ran Through My Head

I have a story for you. A couple of nights ago, I had, what my Mum would have called, a ‘funny turn.’ It was late at night, Dexter should have been asleep, but thankfully wasn’t, and it all started with a stomach ache. It came on suddenly and sharply, so I decided to go to the loo … y’know, just to see if it was ‘that.’


A minute later, mid-wee (TMI soz) I suddenly felt really strange. Really weak, faint, dizzy. Like I was going to throw up, but not quite sure if I felt sick. Hot, so hot I started sweating profusely from my forehead and the back of my hands. How weird is that?! Anyway, I got to the landing window and opened it, stuck my head out of the window and thought this is it, I’m going die. This is how I’m going to go.


Yeah, I know, dramatic much? But I’d never felt like it before and didn’t know what to do. I could see the light coming from Dexter’s laptop and knew I needed to get to him, tried to walk, and collapsed on the floor. I was panicking now and crawled along to his bedroom along the landing floor … think zombie chic … reached for his door handle and croaked for him to come to me.


Can you imagine how scared he must have been, poor sod, to see his Mum laying on the floor like that? But he was a real trouper. He didn’t panic, checked to see if I was joking (we have that type of relationship, but even I’m not that cruel), and then sat on the floor with me.  Spoke to me calmly, quietly, asked what was wrong, asked what he could do for me and I just remember saying, on the brink of what I thought was passing out, “If I don’t come round, call an ambulance.”


This is a great story isn’t it?! I mean only because I’m fine now of course, but IT WAS A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE! OR … as NHS Direct said the next day, probably just low blood pressure. And I’ve been to the doctors today and everything is fine. Why it happened, we’re not sure, but the main thing is I’m healthy and it was probably just an old lady blip.


The reason I’m telling you is because several things went through my mind when I was on Dexter’s bedroom floor:


1.  I kid you not, the first thing that ran through my mind, as I’m mid-death, was, “Oh FFS, I don’t have a bra on.” Seriously. I had a long sleeved top on and pyjama bottoms, and often wear a crop top underneath to bed to keep the girls in check, but not this night. I had visions of boobs everywhere as the ambulance crew stretchered me out of the house. Not a good look.

2.  “How will Dexter handle this situation?” I’m a healthy woman, and this type of thing has never happened before, and although he’s a mature 13-year-old, it was going to be a real test to see how he coped. And he coped brilliantly.

3.  “I’m going to die alone.” Dexter was great, but he’s not going to be around for much longer … in the blink of an eye he’ll be off to Uni and I’ll be living alone again. And that’s how it should be, insofar as him living his own life, but when you’re poorly, and there’s no partner to look after you, well, it’s just a bit rubbish. I’m used to it, my ex was a twat and never looked after me anyway, so I’m very self sufficient, but it was an awful feeling, to think that had Dexter not been there, and I had have passed out, no-one would have been there to call 999. OK, I’d have come round eventually and done it myself, but it was a harsh reminder that I’m actual Miranda from Sex and the City when she choked at home alone and thought she’d be eaten by a horde of cats when she dies alone. (I don’t have cats, and she ended up marrying Steve, so there’s hope for me yet.)


So there you have it. There’s no moral to this story, other than to say my son is awesome, I didn’t die, and it all came out in the wash. 


The End.

kate sutton

And She’s Back In The Game!

So today’s the day. “For what exactly Kate? Finally shaving your legs? Hoovering under your bed? Deleting your ex’s telephone number?” Erm, well no, none of those things. But today is the day that I finally pull my finger out and get back on the weight loss gravy train.


Mmmm … gravy.


I woke up today full of energy. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie. I woke up tired, as per, but after two vases (aka my Sports Direct mug) of coffee, THEN I felt full of energy. And something just clicked with me. Just like it did two years ago when I decided to lose weight. No rhyme or reason, I just felt today was the day to start ‘sorting shit out’ again. Aka, get back to the gym, eat better and lose more weight.


So the first thing I did was lay out my gym kit last night so that when I finally got round to getting dressed (after Jeremy Kyle of course – shut up, don’t tell me you haven’t watched it too), I’d have no excuse. OK, Part One executed.


Secondly, I went back to using spray oil again for cooking. I’d got into the habit of using olive oil from a bottle and it’s so easy to use up a few extra hundred calories just by not being careful, so by switching to spray oil, I know how many calories I’m using. So I dry-fried a tortilla wrap (I’ll switch back to Weight Watcher wraps because that saves about 80 calories) and two eggs. Breakfast done.


Next, I started using My Fitness Pal again. It’s amazing how accountable it makes me feel. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not mega strict about it, but for me, knowing roughly how many calories I’m eating is a good way to keep me on track because you’d be amazed at how quickly they add up. (And how many calories are in Fruit Pastilles.) Actually, you probably won’t be surprised, you know where I’m coming from. But yeah, My Fitness Pal is a good idea.


I went to the gym and had a ‘proper’ sessions, as opposed to just having a stroll on the treadmill, doing a few sit-ups then having a coffee in the café. I upped my cardio, went back on the spin bike (boy, do I need to ahem, toughen up down there again), and upped my weights again. I came away feeling smug and sweaty.


weight loss


I ate some fruit. I know, ground-breaking stuff, but when you’ve been eating cake as a snack instead, this is a massive deal. I’m going to the shops tonight after work to stock up on more fruit so I’m less tempted. I mean let’s face it, an apple will never be a great substitute for a cream slice, but you have to at least try.


And that brings me up to tea-time. Where I’m going to have a grilled steak and some salad. And totally NOT have halloumi. OK, I had a slice when I cooked some for Dexter earlier, but I did only have one slice and I’ve put it into My Fitness Pal so it’s accounted for.


Mentally, I’m going to just think about taking one week at a time again and go from there, rather than think about the stupid bastard 9lbs I’ve put on. I’m an idiot. But it’s Monday, it’s a new week, a new start blah blah blah, but if you’ve fallen off the wagon like me, let’s just get back on it together.


kate sutton

8 Random Things That Have Mildly Irritated Me This Week

I like this blog to be a relatively happy space but equally, most things annoy me in life, so I thought I’d write a (very cathartic for me) list of 8 things that have mildly irritated me this week. To clarify, these are extras on top of the usual things like people not indicating or the price of an Americano.


  1. Chin hairs. All hair in general really. I’m not sure whether I wish someone had forewarned me about extra facial hair the older I got or not, because it’s not been the nicest surprise, and it is a constant battle. Thank God I’m actually a natural blonde! Although having said that, all this extra hair seems to be grey. Grim. Dennis Healey-esque white eyebrow hairs that stick out at right angles, one rogue chin hair that just WON’T DISAPPEAR … and don’t even get me started on this blonde fuzz that seems to be covering my entire face. Seriously, just sign me up to the circus already.


  1. LinkedIn. I use this for business, my day job, and although I’m happy doing what I’m doing (and who I’m doing it for), it’s always good to keep an eye on what other jobs are out there and, more importantly, how much they’re willing to pay. Know your worth and all that. So why on earth won’t companies tell you what the salary is? I’m going to find out sooner or later and if you don’t tell me upfront, I just won’t bother applying in the first place. And then we’ll both miss out. Sort. It. Out.


  1. DHL. All courier companies really, but DHL are ground my gears properly this week, and I don’t even know what they’re trying to deliver. Today will be the fourth attempt. Even after leaving a massive note on the front door to say leave it with a neighbour when we went out yesterday, I still came home to a card to say I’d missed them. I spend years of my life waiting in for courier companies.


  1. Virgin Media. I don’t normally name names, but Christ on a bike, I lost the will to live with Virgin earlier this week. Bearing in mind I work from home and y’know, broadband is kinda important, when the speed had dropped so much that I’ve had to tether my laptop to my phone all week, I thought I’d call customer care to see if they could help. We basically just had the ‘just reboot it conversation’ for a whole hour, only for the problem to be actually slightly worse than it was before. And guess what? I now have to wait in on a Saturday for an engineer (as well as the bloody courier.) And I should point out I pay £50 a month for super f**k of speed broadband.


  1. Dating. I’ve given you a few dating updates recently, and you’ve seen the type of messages I get, but one thing has really bugged me this week and it’s getting messages that just say what this particular bloke likes. So, “I love redheads.” Or, “Mmmm nice curves.” Or, “Great figure.” Look, it’s all complimentary for once, so that’s an improvement, and I know some blokes are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t … insofar as I know some are told, “Don’t just say hi or hello,” but why do I care what turns you on? At least at this stage. So you like redheads, erm well done? If they’re expecting me to thank them for approving of my appearance, they’ll have a long wait. Seriously guys, just saying hello and trying to get to me is honestly the best way to approach most women on dating sites.


  1. Catch up TV. Here’s a guest annoyance from my blogging mate Nickie (who blogs at I Am Typecast.) I was having a moan to her and I let her join in … and then got a massive tirade from her and I realised I’d awoken the beast. So I’ll just take one of her points. When you go away on holiday and have to madly catch up on TV in a short space of time and avoid all social media for fear of spoilers. And I feel her pain on this one because I found out Yan left GBBO via Twitter. An immediate unfollow for that person. So yeah, woe is her for going on holiday, but her point still stands.


  1. Louis Walsh. Look, I know the X Factor is fixed, but it doesn’t stop me watching it every year, it’s my only guilty pleasure. (Ha, we all know that’s not true!) And the whole ‘kicking someone off and bringing them back later because DRAMA’ thing is so obvious, but I still can’t help myself screaming at the TV! And Louis Walsh did exactly that when he got rid of Aidan this week. Who no doubt he’ll bring back. And yes, I need to get a life.


  1. Hospital parking. I had a great experience at the hospital today wherein I was in and out in ten minutes, getting back to my car earlier than the time of my actual appointment. Still had to pay £2 for parking though. The amount of money they make is ridiculous and one can only hope it’s ploughed back into the hospital and not syphoned off by some car parking conglomerate.


You know what, I didn’t realise how long this post was! So I’ll stop here but trust me, I have plenty PLENTY of other things I could moan about. But won’t … at least for now.


Your turn. What’s got your goat this week?


kate sutton

WEIGHT LOSS DIARIES: A Massive Weight Gain

This is a post I didn’t really want to have to write but it’s important I do. And I know it’s not a massive deal really, not in the scheme of things, but I have to recognise what has happened otherwise nothing will change.


I’m a greedy twat and I’ve put 9lbs on.


In a month.


So just over 2lbs a week.


*slow hand clap*


FML. How have I done that? Very bloody easily it seems.


So, this blog post isn’t a warning to you all per se, because we all know how easy it is to put weight on, but it’s really just a ‘kick up the bum’ post for me. A KUTB if you will. (I will, thanks.)


It started when I hurt my back a month ago and had to stop going to the gym. Had to stop doing anything really because I was in so much pain. It started randomly in a shoulder blade, then travelled down to my lower back, then down my right leg, my left groin and well … I’ve been in agony. I’ve had physio, which only temporarily worked, and cost me an arm and a leg (my good leg), I asked to be referred for an ultrasound for kidney/gallstones … my doctor pretty much laughed me out of his office and I never did get referred, and I’ve only been able to work from my Boffice (my bed/office) or a very hard backed chair. So, to summarise, it’s been shit.


I lost my routine. I was going to the gym 4-5 times a week. My diet had slipped a little but it was pretty much all balanced out because I was working out so much. But more importantly, my head was in the right space. But since I hurt my back, which I think was probably sciatica in hindsight, I’ve been bloody miserable. And I’m an emotional eater … I eat crap when I’m miserable, which in turn makes me feel even worse, and so on and so on. Sound familiar?


I started to feel bloated. I didn’t feel slim anymore – I know I wasn’t slim, but I felt good. I had to go up a notch on my belt. I was living in pyjamas and didn’t notice the weight go back on. I stopped bothering with make-up, stopped going out, stopped dating.


Anyway, the upshot is that a week ago, I suddenly felt better. I feel stiff in my joints which tells me I need to get back to Pilates, and, on researching, also tells me I’m potentially about to go through the menopause, but that’s a whole other post .. but the pain had gone as quickly as it came. I still get an occasional twinge my right bum cheek (nice) but overall, I’m back to normal. And of course, petrified that I’m going to injure myself at the gym so I’m taking it really carefully.


I’ve eaten Doritos, sweets, cream cakes. Gone out for a couple of meals, had KFC, cut right down on eating fruit and vegetables. I’ve become 2015 Kate.


I’m so frustrated with myself because I really do know better and I’ve basically just been a big, fat, Dorito eating vegetable this last month. Thank GOD I’ve nipped it in the bud now because at this rate, look how easily I could have put ALL the weight I’ve lost back on. How scary is that?


My battle with my weight is clearly going to be a lifelong thing. Bit depressing, but there you go. I recognise and acknowledge that. I’m hoping that if I just go back to basics, the weight should start to come off again. I went to the gym yesterday, and although I’ve got a manic week at work ahead, including two hospital appointments, I’m going to find time to make sure I go to the gym most days.




It’s funny though but even just going to the gym once yesterday, weighing myself and seeing where I’m at, I feel so much better today. I feel like I’m in control again. YES! That’s it! I’ve felt like things were out of my control, so I’VE felt out of control, so I’ve eaten like an out of control Haribo eating maniac!


I’m writing this and I just know I’m not alone. I know a lot of you can relate to what I’m saying because I’m just a normal actual human woman person, just like you, and if I’ve found it incredibly easy to put this weight on in a short amount of time, I know I won’t be the only one. But what seems to be important, is recognising the problem and taking control – like with all aspects of our lives I guess.


So here I am. Just a woman, standing (sitting) in front of a computer, asking to be slapped around the face with a wet fish because I’ve fallen off the wagon. But it stops here.




kate sutton

Reviewing Loch Fyne’s New Delicious Autumn/Winter Menu

It’s not often I go out for dinner on a Sunday night, but last night I took Dexter to my local branch of Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill restaurant at Bluewater last night for a wonderful 3-course meal, to test out their new autumn/winter menu that launched on 18th October.


loch fyne bluewater


You may have heard of Loch Fyne, the seafood restaurant chain with 37 restaurants across the UK – known for its fresh, sustainably sourced and seafood dishes. However, I’ve only eaten there once, a very long time ago. I’m not sure why … I love seafood, but when there’s so much choice, so many restaurants, sometimes it’s hard to know where to go and, if you’re like me, you end up sticking to the same places time and time again. So this was a wonderful opportunity for us to try something new.


First impressions? It was really quiet, and that’s just how I like it. I deliberately chose 6pm on a Sunday night because I knew it wouldn’t be busy. The lovely Assistant Manager I spoke to after our meal seemed worried I wouldn’t experience its normally ambience, but I assured him I don’t really like many people so it’s all good! Our restaurant was big and airy, and we chose to eat in the outside part of the restaurant.


Dexter is 13 and although open-minded when it comes to food in some ways, for example, he ordered squid to start with, he stuck with a burger for his main course. It’s not that he doesn’t like fish, he does, but he likes what he likes and it was nice that there was a meat option on the menu to give people choice.




His squid starter was delicious and came with a chilli jam that they should bottle and sell, sprinkled with cubed red pepper, spring onion and sesame seeds. As you can see, it wasn’t at all greasy but was golden and crunchy and lasted literally 45 seconds – he loved it.


loch fyne autumn menu


I went for the grilled Scottish king scallop and chorizo in garlic butter starter because, let’s face it, I don’t have to worry about garlic breath being a single woman. In hindsight, I should have ordered some bread to soak up that delicious garlic/chorizo butter that was left in the shell – rookie error, so learn from my mistake! The scallop was soft and tender and the chorizo was the perfect accompaniment. I would have liked three scallops but then I’m pretty greedy.


loch fyne autumn menu

loch fyne autumn menu




You know what to expect with a burger, but here’s a photo of it anyway (reports were it was delicious.)


loch fyne autumn menu


I was spoilt for choice and it was a toss-up between Fisherman’s Stew, Grilled Cod Rarebit (the bacon vinaigrette nearly sold that one to me). In the end, I went for whole Sea Bass with Heritage potatoes. You can ask for it to come whole or have it fileted for you, and as much as I really don’t mind a whole fish on a plate, it’s so much easier if someone de-bones it all for you – good to have the choice though. I think Sea Bass has to be my favourite fish, and I’ve eaten it a lot before, so I know what to expect, but I honestly think this was the best I’ve ever eaten. Two fillets were served, with a slice of grilled lemon and Thyme on top, the skin was crispy, the flesh was soft and moist … and the potatoes were covered in butter – what more could you want? It came with a little watercress on the side, so you may want to order a side order of vegetables, but (I’m salivating now just thinking about it again) you won’t be disappointed. 10/10.


loch fyne autumn menu

loch fyne autumn menu


They also offer lobster, curry, a shellfish platter and, of course, fish and chips, and you can also just choose your favourite fish and get it grilled. Oh, and there’s the specials board too … so there’s a lot to choose from.




I loved the sound of the new dishes that have been added to the autumn/winter dessert menu – Glazed Clementine Tart, Spiced Apple Walnut Crumble and a Loch Fyne Tirimasu, which is what I went for. I’m so predictable, I can’t resist a Tirimisu, but here’s what the apple crumble looks like:


loch fyne autumn menu


My Tirimasu came in a pot with chocolate shavings on top and well, it’s Tirimisau, what’s not to like? It was delicious and funnily enough, even after eating two courses, I still managed to polish this off. Dexter went for the Chocolate Ashet, which contained a small hot chocolate fondant, chocolate marquise, chocolate ice cream and lemon zest strawberries. He demolished that too. So desserts … delicious.


loch fyne autumn menu

loch fyne autumn menu

loch fyne autumn menu




Hard to comment on the service when staff know you’re there to review the menu, but they couldn’t have done enough for us and were very polite and professional, which I would expect anyway, so no complaints there.




I hope you enjoyed reading this post about Loch Fyne – we certainly enjoyed eating there! And if you’d like to try out their new menu, I have a special discount I’d like to share with you. By using the discount code – ‘LFB1C36’ – you will be given a complimentary starter (but please read the T&Cs below.)


kate sutton


Complimentary Starter*

Terms and conditions: Complimentary starter at Loch Fyne available between 18th October 2017 – 30th November 2017 per a la carte main course purchased. Not valid after 6pm Fridays and Saturdays. All other menus including breakfast, set menus and Christmas menus are excluded. Not valid with any other offer, promotion, discount or Loch Fyne Friends Card. Not valid at Cairndow. One code per table for a max 6 diners.

9 Foolproof Ways To Resist The Urge To Contact Your Ex

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen me describe my very exciting Saturday night last night as a single woman. Three episodes of Escape to the Country, a half-eaten, two-day old Banoffee Pie and numerous glances at my ex-boyfriend’s Whatsapp profile to see when he was last online. Quite pathetic I think you’ll agree (although I don’t really regret ETTC or the pie.)


Firstly, ‘ex-boyfriend’ is perhaps not the correct terminology for what he was, but it was the guy I was seeing for six months during the summer, albeit not uber serious, and I don’t really know what else to call him, other than twat. So we’ll go with ex-boyfriend for now. And secondly, why on earth was I contemplating getting back in touch when we had a mature(ish), clean break-up a couple of months ago?


Because he’s been messing with my head that’s why, and that’s what a lot of exes do. Give you the occasional online nudge just to remind you they’re still there. So that basically you will find it harder to move on and they can keep you waiting in the wings. The whole ‘Hey stranger’ Whatsapp message, which is the ultimate f**kboy mating call. And he’s played me well. So well that I actually met him for a drink a month ago and we ended up kissing.


I’m so cross with myself. Nothing had changed. He was still going abroad for the winter, even though on the date he pretended otherwise, and he still couldn’t offer me anything much at all, but I allowed myself a glimmer of hope that maybe there was still hope for us to forge something. Meh. I soon realised, after I didn’t hear from him again as promised for four days, that he/the situation hadn’t changed at all.


But of course, by now, the seed was sown, I’d seen him again, and he was in my thoughts. But I was strong. I didn’t message him and when he messaged me this week asking to see me before he went away for the winter, I refused, and told him I didn’t want to be messed around anymore. Which makes last night even more infuriating because I was over him. And now I don’t know if I am.


Maybe it’s the thought that he’s going away for three months, maybe the thought he’ll be seeing his ex wife, or, more likely, the fact that it’s just a reminder that I’m STILL single and I just can’t understand why no-one wants me. And look, before you all rush and say, ‘He’s out there somewhere!” or, “Give it time!” I’m OK, really I am. I’m not a desperate saddo that needs a man, never have been, and don’t forget I’ve had a lot of practice being single, five years’ practice! But it doesn’t stop me wondering if I’ll ever find love again and feeling a little sad about the possibility that I might not.


Anyway, I didn’t contact my ex, and here are my top tips on how to get through these tricky times if you’re going through a similar thing.


What would your best friend would say?


I knew exactly what my best friend would say if I told her how I was feeling … which is exactly why I didn’t text her! She’s always there for me but I felt like I needed to work it through myself, but I definitely had her voice ringing in my head all the time last night! Maybe calling your best friend would help ‘talk you down’, but for me, we’d had this chat before so I didn’t need to call her. But I did indirectly seek a little support online and found what I needed – lots of women telling me not to do it! 


Admit how you feel


Instead of pretending I was OK and SOOO over him, last night I admitted to myself that I missed him, or rather had a debate about whether it was him that I missed or whether I just missed having ‘someone’. I’m still undecided. Either way, it’s important to recognise how you really feel, even if it’s not how you want to feel. Admit it, because then you can do something about it.


Eat cake


Or even better, something less calorific. But as much as I don’t believe in squashing your feelings down with food (that’s exactly how I got to be this size in the first place), treat yourself to good quality food, don’t just binge on crap like I did, it doesn’t make you feel better in the long run because after eating that pie last night (and don’t worry, I didn’t eat all of it!), I just feel sluggish and fat this morning. If you like cooking, make something nice. Find a friend to go out to dinner with. The point is to just treat yourself well, and good food is always the best place to start!


Distract yourself


Like I mention above, maybe cook something nice or phone a friend or go out, but keep busy. You have to find a way to get through the night until these feelings pass, or until you’re in a better place to deal with them. I had a long, hot bath, and watched seven, yes seven, episodes of The Good Wife, until it was time to turn in. Did it stop me thinking about him? Not totally, but at least I was watching the TV, not my phone.


Remember the shitty bits


No relationship is perfect, and annoyingly, until the end, I can honestly say our relationship was great! BUT … that’s because it wasn’t really a full-on, ‘grown-up’ relationship. We didn’t meet each others’ families, or spend long periods of time together, it was more like a series of just really, really good dates. And it’s because of that I find it hard to think of shitty bits. But there were some towards the end, just insofar as I don’t think he was honest about how he felt about me and we should have ended things sooner than we did, but blimey, normally I have plenty of shitty things to remember about relationships! And I’m sure you do too. Hold onto those when you feel like caving in.


Avoid alcohol


I don’t drink at home when I’m alone anyway, so it wasn’t much of a temptation, but had I been out, or had a friend been round, and I’d have reached for a gin or three, I know what a bad idea that would have been. I’d either get teary and morose, or randy, or even worse, all three. Not a good look. And I’d want to call him even more. So STEP AWAY FROM THE GIN!


Remind yourself what you want from life


Long-term, he can’t give me what I need … being in the same country as me, being the main one, and it’s important to remind me/yourself that nothing has changed and you’re just feeling a little blue. And it will pass. 


Write down your feelings


I’m lucky insofar as I have this blog to write on and boy, you’ve read some quite honest things I’ve written in the past. But I didn’t want to spend any more time thinking about him last night and so watched TV instead, but now I’ve had time to rationally think about things, I’ve been able to write down my thoughts. You may not have a blog but I honestly can’t tell how wonderfully cathartic the writing process is, for any issue in life. It doesn’t solve anything per se, but it helps me process what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling, so I can make sense of things.


Be mindful/present in the moment


Stop, breath, count to ten and try to be present in the moment. I try really hard not to stress about the past or future, but it’s not easy, especially at times like this when it’s all I can do! But what about the present? I have a great life, far from perfect, but overall, I’m lucky. I know I’m lucky. I have a roof over my head, myself and the boys are healthy and doing well, I have work, although I’m permanently poor, but life is good. And I’ve come a long way from the person I was and I need to remind myself of that. Anyone that I allow into my world is damn lucky and likewise with you, so that’s something I reminded myself of last night.


And finally, you could delete their number. Block them. Give your phone to someone until the feeling passes. Hardcore stuff. And that may work for a lot of people (bit too drastic for me mind), but I much prefer to know I’ve handled the situation myself without having to resort to those steps. That I’ve been mentally strong, drawn on support from friends and reminded myself that I won’t be taken for granted or treated with less than the utmost respect. And that’s what got me through last night.


So thanks to all of you who gave me a kick up the bum last night. It hasn’t stopped me checking when he was last online today but I’m working through that. I think I’m just feeling a little lonely at the moment and that’s OK, it’ll pass. I do wonder if he and I could make it work if circumstances were different, but at the moment, they’re not, and I have to keep remembering that.


kate sutton