Cha Cha Chaaaa …

I love dancing I do.  In fact, I actually used to be a pretty competent dancer.  As you can see, I’m not big on giving myself compliments, but I have ‘musicality,’ as they say on Strictly.  That is, more often than not, and if I’m really paying attention, I’m in time with the music. On […]

Sink or Swim?

As Sunday lunchtime approaches, and my thoughts turn to roast chicken, and roast potatoes and gravy and .. mmm … nom, nom, sorry … I find myself instead sat by the poolside watching my youngest swim with his Dad.  I should point out that I don’t have my own swimming pool (yet!) … and we’re […]


There I was, casually walking past Boots the Chemist, and no, not on the way to Burger King … when I had the urge to weigh myself.  I rarely feel like doing that – it normally means one thing, that I feel like I’ve lost weight and I’m pretty confident of a positive result. I […]