The Great Northern Adventure | Day 2

    Day 2 and I have never looked, sounded or felt more hideous.  We were originally planning to see my friend Nickie but as you’ll see from the beginning of this video, it was never going to happen.  She-bola had now hit me HARD.   But I did get to meet another of my […]

The Perfect Berry Lipstick

  OK, so we’re not talking about finding a cure for the common cold or creating world peace … but finding THE perfect lipstick is a wonderful thing isn’t it?!  For the lipstick wearers amongst you (yes, I’m talking about you Dave), if you’re anything like me, when you got shopping for a new lipstick, […]

What Should You Vlog About?

  I wrote about vlogging confidence last week and I think the video was well received.  After all, I don’t write (or vlog) as someone who’s done this for years, so I’m no expert, but when I started vlogging I think I would have benefited from watching someone talk about how they started, the things […]

Vlogging Confidence Tips

  I started vlogging a few months ago now and I’m loving it more and more.  I wouldn’t say I’m a professional by any means, but being involved with #VlogChallenge with Nickie O’Hara has also enabled me to continually learn more and more about vlogging.   However, as you may have seen from the copious […]

My Typical Morning

    I’m not a great morning person #understatement …  so thought it would be an awesome idea if I made this week’s #VlogChallenge prompt ‘Your Typical Morning.’  Superb!   Anyway, I filmed my morning last Friday and here it is.  A few people have remarked that actually, it’s not that hectic, but if I’m […]