Movie Review: The Blind Side

I’m rarely impressed with the hype surrounding an Oscar nominated film (or, for that matter, hype surrounding anything.)   Things invariably don’t live up to expectations and I like to make my own judgements without being told I should like something.  The Blind Side, therefore, passed me by. Until this weekend. A few months after […]

Restaurant Review: Zippers, Dockside Chatham

  If you’re anything like me, especially in the winter, going on Date Night with your Other Half is, quite frankly, a bit of an effort. It’s cold and dark and come Saturday night, I’ve already had a bath by 6pm in preparation for an evening of Strictly and Merlin. Rock and Roll baby! This […]

My Top 5: Kid’s Programmes

Being a child of the 80’s (I know, I know, not technically true as I was born in the 70’s, but I can’t remember that far back …), we were very limited to how much television we could watch back then.  Not because we were particularly limited by our parents, but there were only three […]