New Year Super Sleepover – Part II

      Remember I told you that Dexter is going away for the New Year (and that I’m going to be CHILD FREE FOR FIVE DAYS!!!)?  Well the company that run the holiday, ATE, asked if Dexter had any questions for them before he went.  Dilly from ATE has kindly answered them for him […]

Review: New Year Super Sleepover

      For the past eighteen years, I haven’t ventured out on New Year’s Eve.  When you’re a parent, the whole ‘staying up until midnight’ thing isn’t a) always practical or b) something you even have the energy to do – more often than not, when the boys were young, I’d be asleep by […]

Review: Eight Restaurant, Rainham, Kent

    I’m not one to complain … honestly I’m not.  I hate doing it, it makes me feel really uncomfortable.  However, there are occasions where I feel it is totally the right thing to do.  This is one of those such occasions.   This post, therefore, is a complaint about a restaurant, but also […]

Review: A Shade Wilder

    I get asked to review quite a few things on my blog but I’m very picky about what I choose to write about.  I just prefer to write about something that’s a little different … eye-catching.  A company that maybe no-one has heard of before.  That way, you know that if I choose […]

Review: J D Wetherspoon

      Today’s post is a review of my local J D Wetherspoon pub in Rochester, Kent – The Golden Lion.  I was kindly sent some vouchers, asked to have dinner there and report back.   Now … I want to preface this review by saying that my blog is generally a positive place […]

Royal Caribbean Cruise – My Thoughts

    I could write and write (and write) about my trip away to Italy with Royal Caribbean but I’m going to make this my final post about my trip and talk about the things I would be interested in if I wanted to read a review about what a cruise is ‘really’ like.   […]