Zeek – The Gift Card Marketplace

  September is officially known as the best month ever.   The weather is perfect. Not too sweaty, but warm enough where you can possibly eke out just one final summer BBQ. You can bask in everything that is Autumn fashion – no more worrying about chafing flip-flops and spaghetti-strapped tops. Autumn TV and darker […]

Testing out ASK Italian’s Amici Kids’ Menu this Summer

    I’ve never been to an ASK Italian restaurant before. Ever. That’s a bit weird isn’t it, bearing in mind there are around 120 restaurants in the UK. And as we were about to go to actual Italy a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try them […]

Hotter Shoes Review + The Perfect Knee-Length Boot

  I seem to have a thing about shoes at the moment. Actually, I think I always have, except these days I seem to be swapping high heels for comfy sandals. After being invited to try out one range of shoes last month, this month I was invited along to the brand new Maidstone store […]

Reviewing the Piccolo Childrens’ Menu at Pizza Express #PizzaExpressIceAge

  Pizza Express is like a bus (sort of.) You don’t go for over ten years and then end up going twice in a month. It’s a rubbish analogy, but a great meal!   We were invited to go along to our local branch of Pizza Express, which is in Rochester, Kent. I decided to […]

Strive Footwear from Jones Bootmaker – Review

  I have a pair of the sexiest, highest black patent high heels you ever did see. I can’t actually walk in them, but they’re great for… certain occasions. I remember a time when my wardrobe was full of shoes like that but I’m now of a certain age where I realise that yes, they’re […]

Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Desk Fan – Review

  My bedroom is my sanctuary, especially as I don’t have to share it with anyone! I have brightly coloured duvet covers, a fantastic copper wire lampshade I love, IKEA furniture I’ve put together myself (OK, I only did the shelves), and my bedside table is full of pretty nail varnishes, 100 moisturisers and packets […]