What Is BAMO? And Why You Need To Know It If You’re Single

Online dating really is a tale of two halves. One half being dating nice, normal blokes with it either leading to further dates or it just ends, amicably, after one date. The other half is dealing with men who like to play ‘the game.’ The game being … actually, I’m still really not sure what […]

Reviewing Loch Fyne’s New Delicious Autumn/Winter Menu

It’s not often I go out for dinner on a Sunday night, but last night I took Dexter to my local branch of Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill restaurant at Bluewater last night for a wonderful 3-course meal, to test out their new autumn/winter menu that launched on 18th October.     You may have heard […]

9 Foolproof Ways To Resist The Urge To Contact Your Ex

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen me describe my very exciting Saturday night last night as a single woman. Three episodes of Escape to the Country, a half-eaten, two-day old Banoffee Pie and numerous glances at my ex-boyfriend’s Whatsapp profile to see when he was last online. Quite pathetic I think you’ll […]