How many dates until it’s a relationship?

  The funny thing about blogging is that you bang on (and on and on in my case,) about your life, having no idea if anyone is remotely interested in what you’re writing about, but you write anyway, just because.  Because you can.  Because it’s a release, or for support, or just because you enjoy […]

Ups & Downs of Dating Over 40’s

      I’ve been analysing the dating scene lately and trying to work out where I’m going wrong.  The first thing I’ve realised is that I’m obviously on the wrong dating sites – you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.  So, before I dismiss internet dating completely, I think I just need to understand that […]

Online dating – The Gardener

  Last Sunday I made the quite frankly stupid decision to go on a date whilst suffering from Woman Flu.  Which is like Man Flu – but real.  In hindsight, hacking up phlegm over a vodka and Diet Coke is not the sexiest thing I’ve ever done.   So, The Gardener (for that is what […]

Review: Shrek the Musical

  I was lucky enough to be given tickets to see Shrek the Musical and took Dexter along on Monday evening.   I don’t know about you, but I find I have to keep things like this secret otherwise he will literally be asking questions about the event from the moment I tell him until […]

Dating: The Washing Machine

  Last night (Saturday) was the third of three dates this week.  My first date this week was great, the second one I haven’t written about yet (but suffice to say, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had started to make love to his phone mid date,) and this post is about last night’s […]

Sexual Dynamite

  It’s not every day you get called Sexual Dynamite.   SEXUAL DYNAMITE.   Now granted, it was a fabulous girlfriend of mine, Kellie from Big Fashionista that said it, but I like to think she has a good point.  (We’ll come back to my fabulous sense of modesty later.)   We were talking about […]