Cheese & Onion Potato Crispbakes – with Co-op King Edward Potatoes

If I were to choose a favourite vegetable, it would definitely have to be the potato. I know I should probably choose something green but you just can’t deny a potato’s versatility, it’s tastiness and just good all-round wonderful(ness). Yeah, let’s just say I’m a fan. So when the Co-op got in touch and asked […]

A Weekend Catch-Up – Dating, A&E & My Christmas Tree

Here I am on a Sunday afternoon, sat by the fire watching the snow fall. It’s beautiful isn’t it? (From the comfort of one’s sofa that is.) I’ve put my Christmas tree up, I’m staring at a glittered reindeer (no idea why I bought it either) and I’ve eaten today’s mince pie, so I thought […]

My Top 3 Wellness Destinations To Visit In Europe

As most of us are probably still suffering from post-Christmas exhaustion, and everyone is rushing to join a gym this month, and, following on from my recent blog post about weight gain and personal goals for the year, I am writing about wellness today. Or, more specifically, about the top wellness destinations to visit in […]

The Best Sports Bra Ever? A Full Review of the Panache Sports Bra

The hunt for the perfect sports bra has been long, arduous and expensive. Being ‘blessed’ (some say cursed) with a big chest has always been problematic when it comes to most things (ahem, although not all), but particularly exercising. You don’t know pain until you’ve run on a treadmill without the girls being strapped down […]

Arden & Amici Italian Bakery – Perfect For Christmas

I love Christmas but I’m definitely one of those slightly miserly, ‘I’m refusing to even think about Christmas until December’ type of people. Until, that is, an Italian bakery brand called Arden & Amici got in touch and sent me all the Panettone and Amaretti biscuits and now I can’t wait until Christmas! So yesterday […]

The One Thing I Miss About Being In a Relationship (no, not that)

I talk about dating on and off, when I have the energy, and you may think that my life kinda revolves around finding a boyfriend. It doesn’t. My life is full of a whole host of other things … namely Netflix and halloumi, but I’m a great believer in if it’s meant to be, it’ll […]