Kaleidoscope – Part Three

“Everybody get down!” The balaclava’ed man, holding a clipboard in one hand and a small, black gun in the other, shouted again. “I said, everybody get down!  Now!”  But as he looked round the café, it dawned on him.  The customers were trying to get down.  All being over seventy, it was just taking a […]

Kaleidoscope – Part Two

“Grace love, can I borrow your Sweetex? I’ve only gone and left mine at home today and I can’t bear my tea without them.” Grace bent slowly and brought her beige, faux leather handbag to the table and began to rummage through the numerous side pockets. “I’m just the same Iris love. Can’t bear any […]

Scarlet Silk

The brilliant rays of sunshine haloed my platinum curls, The negative to the dark, coarse locks of my friend, Both scrambling to be nearest to the sky. Scarlet silk fluttered in the gentle breeze, Both on cloud nine, Content to hold the ribbon and watch its languid journey As it meanders and snakes through the […]