Online dating – The Gardener

  Last Sunday I made the quite frankly stupid decision to go on a date whilst suffering from Woman Flu.  Which is like Man Flu – but real.  In hindsight, hacking up phlegm over a vodka and Diet Coke is not the sexiest thing I’ve ever done.   So, The Gardener (for that is what […]

Dating: The Washing Machine

  Last night (Saturday) was the third of three dates this week.  My first date this week was great, the second one I haven’t written about yet (but suffice to say, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had started to make love to his phone mid date,) and this post is about last night’s […]

Sexual Dynamite

  It’s not every day you get called Sexual Dynamite.   SEXUAL DYNAMITE.   Now granted, it was a fabulous girlfriend of mine, Kellie from Big Fashionista that said it, but I like to think she has a good point.  (We’ll come back to my fabulous sense of modesty later.)   We were talking about […]