COMPETITION: Win Two Ultimate Disney Tickets for 14 Days (Worth £800) with Ocean Holidays

It’s Tuesday. It’s raining. My arm is still broken and I couldn’t think of a better day to share this blog post with you. (Via the medium of dictation so if there are any typos we all have to blame Siri.) But if you’ve ever dreamt of going to Disney, read on… this competition is […]

How National Citizen Service Can Help Your Teen

The thing about having teenagers is that time speeds up. Before you know it, your baby is balancing GCSE revision, friendships and hobbies – mostly without your involvement. The thing is, though, as big as your teens look, they still need a bit of help moving into the next stage of their lives, whether that’s a […]

An Amazing Photoshoot Makeover with Red Shoe Makeovers

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have been chosen to work with Red Shoe Makeovers – a photography makeover studio in Chester. I already knew of the company as a fellow blogging friend, two in fact, had had makeovers over the past couple of years and I was so impressed by […]