There I was, casually walking past Boots the Chemist, and no, not on the way to Burger King … when I had the urge to weigh myself.  I rarely feel like doing that – it normally means one thing, that I feel like I’ve lost weight and I’m pretty confident of a positive result. I […]

Scarlet Silk

The brilliant rays of sunshine haloed my platinum curls, The negative to the dark, coarse locks of my friend, Both scrambling to be nearest to the sky. Scarlet silk fluttered in the gentle breeze, Both on cloud nine, Content to hold the ribbon and watch its languid journey As it meanders and snakes through the […]

Sarah’s Law – The Time has Come

The image of this poor girl still haunts me.  I have to force myself to read about victims like Sarah because it’s important I remain informed, however painful.  My pain at reading about abuse victims is nothing compared to that of the pain that Sarah’s mother, and parents like her, have to live with every […]

Free Stuff!!!!!

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, right?  Right.  BUT … there IS such a thing as free newslettery stuff from WitWitWoo! Yes, you heard me right!!  It’s FREE!!!  Woohoo!!! I have newsletters all ready to be sent to those of you who want it!  Just fill in the form that says “SUBSCRIBE TO […]