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It’s my last official day at the office job I did for a month and even though I wasn’t there for long, it did help me realise that full-time office work just isn’t for me right now. I love working from home, being my own boss and I need to have a job where I can be creative. But that doesn’t mean that I can just laze about in bed all day and do the bare minimum. On the contrary, it’s even more important to be professional when you are representing yourself as a business.


One of the ways in which I create this professional way of working is ensuring that I have an office space that works for me. And that doesn’t necessarily mean a separate room with a desk in it … my spare room is for make-up and clothes! But I do have several spaces within my house that are set up for when it’s time to work.


home office


Firstly, my garden. I have high-backed chairs with padded cushions, and a patio table that I love to work at, particularly first thing in the morning before the sun reaches the table. I’ve just bought an adjustable parasol to protect me from the sun but if I want to be in the sunshine, I just pop my laptop into an open cardboard box and I find that it shields the screen from most of the sunrays.


home office


Secondly, I have a fairly cheap white, high-gloss dressing table that doubles as a small desk, and that’s placed in a corner of my lounge/diner. Furniture At Work have lots of desks and office chairs to choose from if you wanted a more formal set-up at home.


And finally, and I know it’s not particularly good for my back, but I do find myself often working from my sofa. I’ll only do that if I’m doing something straightforward like checking emails, but sometimes I find I work better if I’m relaxed and have the TV on low in the background.


If you work from home, what works best for you?


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