Did you watch the football this week?! Of course you did, the whole country did … apart from a few people on Twitter who took great delight in NOT joining in, and then telling everyone how boring it is. That’s Twitter for you. But I had a great evening. My eldest son is home to visit, and I even managed to persuade my teen son to stay with us and enjoy the evening. Oh, and it most definitely IS coming home.


Anyway, as I may have mentioned, my son is a chef (in training) and I love it when he comes to visit because not only does he like to cook for me (like this beauty below), but it means we don’t have to eat the same old freezer dinners I churn out every night, so we all inevitably eat healthier. Because if you’re anything like me, especially as a lone parent, I always find it really tough to decide what to have for dinner each night.


steak dinner


I’ve seen a lot of fellow bloggers create meal plans for the week, and that’s such a good idea … if you’re a lot more organised than me. And I know some parents that like to get their younger children involved in cooking – another great idea, if your teenager doesn’t hibernate in their room all evening.


To encourage Dexter to eat healthy-ish, and myself too, I just make sure I have lots of bite-size fruit and vegetables in the fridge we can snack on during the day, even if I do have to have my strawberries with a slight trickle (gallon) of double cream, at least I’m getting some vitamins in my system. And I need as many vitamins and minerals as I can get whilst my body tries to re-grow new bone. Which, I have to say, it’s doing a marvellous job of.




One more thing to mention, especially whilst we have this glorious weather, is that when having a BBQ, why not also serve us some vegetarian-friendly burgers and sausages? I tried some for the first time last month as my niece is a vegan, and they were surprisingly nice. A good alternative if you’re considering cutting down on meat, which is no bad thing.


I hope this gives you some … food for thought (sorry) and fingers crossed this summer gets better and better.


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