There is no such thing as too many cushions, fact. Some may disagree, but they’re wrong, and no matter how many times my son comes home from uni and says, “Do we really need more cushions Mum?”, the answer is always a resounding yes. And nowhere more do you need lots of cushions than in the bedroom.


I work a lot in my bedroom, on my laptop, at all times of the day, and so for me, my bedroom is also often my office, so I like to use cushions to prop me up in bed. Sometimes I’m on a gentle recline, reading, but other times I need to be sat upright. So you see, cushions are more than ornamental, they’re also incredibly practical.


However, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice practicality for style and there are a lot of funky and retro cushions out there that can really brighten up your bedroom:


simply cushions NZ


simply cushions NZ


simply cushions NZ


You can get ideas online but start by thinking what theme you want. Boho? Scandi? Classic? Minimalist? Whatever your décor scheme, cushions can only serve to highlight your chosen scheme. Add a cushion to a chair in the corner, or place them against your headboard, but think about pairing different textures, shapes and sizes to bring interest into the room. Pair a geometric pattern with natural wool for example, and the contrast when placed together is stunning.


You can’t beat the crisp elegance of a white bedroom, but by changing your cushion covers regularly, perhaps according to the season of the year, it’s an inexpensive way to modernise your room and keep it up-to-date. But don’t skimp on the quality of your cushions … you spend a long time in bed and you want your cushions to last, so buy the best that you can afford.


And finally, there’s no golden rule when it comes to cushion styling, and it will change depending on your mood, your style of bedding and the size of your bed. But have fun playing around with different cushions until you find the style you like.


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