A very old friend of mine had a serious accident a few weeks ago. She was hiking in California, as you do, slipped off a boulder, broke her pelvis and ankle and was alone in the sweltering heat for four days. (And if she doesn’t make this into movie, I will.) Anyway, the reason I mention her, is because although my recent injury #BrokenArmWoes didn’t occur through something quite as dramatic as hiking through the desert … although tripping in a dark alleyway chasing a boy was dramatic in its own way … I could totally relate to her recent tweets about finding the joy in the smallest of things.


Because when you are laid up with a broken bone/multiple broken bones, you have time to think. About what happened, about where you are in life, and about what the future is going to look like. I know that sounds dramatic when you think I only broke my arm, but trust me, it’s been one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. When I replied to Claire’s tweet, it made me think about what I have been grateful for lately.


1. Peanut butter on crumpets

Of course I would start with a food–based joy. Peanut butter, crunchy of course, was a staple food growing up but I fell out of love with it years ago and have no idea why it’s back in my life. I only know that I’m glad it is. And I think what makes it taste even sweeter is that, eight weeks after my injury, I can just about spread the butter on my crumpet (not a euphemism.) But when I cut anything with my right hand, I have to use my left hand on top as a support, but I somehow manage it … you’d be amazed at how you can always find a way when it comes to food.



2.  Having my hair washed and styled

I mentioned before that my nieces very kindly washed my hair each week in the early days, when I couldn’t even leave the house. It was a painful process for all involved (as I’m sure they’ll attest to), especially because I have such a small bathroom and I really wasn’t very bendy in those first few weeks. But we managed, and I’m very grateful, but I appreciate how busy they are and now that I am able to walk on my own, I decided to go to a local hairdressers so that they could wash and blow dry my hair every week. I can’t tell you what a massive treat this is for me. When you’re laid up in bed for weeks on end, you never really feel properly clean because you can’t soak in the bath for an hour and you definitely can’t wash your hair, so to come out of the hairdressers looking human again has really helped my recovery. It’s expensive though (I have a lot of hair!) but I’d love to be able to find a way to carry on having it done weekly.



3.  One-way water fight

We’ve been blessed with some lovely weather lately and I am tanning up nicely just from sitting down and working in the garden. And I really enjoy and appreciate that 10 minutes of each day after Dexter comes home from school, where we just sit and chat in the garden, before the Xbox gets turned on and before I have to go back to work. And because the weather was so nice last week, we decided to have a water fight – except it was just me spraying him with the hose. It was his idea, I’m not that cruel, he just needed cooling down, but it was lots of fun and reminded me that I’m lucky to have such a great relationship with him.


4. The Good Fight

Anyone that ever watched The Good Wife, will be able to understand why I’ve been in mourning for months after finishing that series… especially after such a shockingly bad ending. And I’ve been trying to find the sequel, The Good Fight, ever since. And I finally found it on Amazon Prime. Because my social life consists of going to Tescos, I need to find ways to entertain myself at home so this is something to get me teeth into. (Edit: I’ve now finished it and they don’t have series two waaaaaah!!!)


5. Wearing a bra

I’ve been bra-less for two months. In principle, that sounds like a luxury, but in reality, especially for someone as ‘blessed’ up top as me, it’s just been downright painful. No amount of talc has been able to make it comfortable. I tried getting a bra and a bikini top on and it just wasn’t happening. Until last week. It takes me ages and I have to swivel it round my waist one-handed, and I can only just about get the strap over my broken arm, but it’s some semblance of support and it means I’m not sore anymore … and less people stare at me bouncing around Tescos. It’s also meant I can wear cardigans like a normal person, and not like Superman.



There are a lot more small joys that I’m grateful for, and they increase as each week passes and I am becoming more like myself again. It’s good to remind myself that joy can be found in the smallest of things and life is something that I would never take for granted again. 

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  1. Totally relate to the bra problem… I don’t feel liberated without one, it’s very restricting as every move is painful.

    I had a knee injury a few years ago, and while it was painful and traumatic it did make me reassess my priorities and in fact I ended up changing career …. it feels like forever while it’s healing, but you will get back to normal and it sounds as if you’ve discovered some silver linings. Hope your recovery continues well.

  2. Oh Kate, what an ordeal it’s been for you! I always search around for the good in terrible situations because it’s often either that or you will totally crack under the stress of it all. I hope it did you some good to focus on the ‘small joys’. Sounds like you’re doing really well. Hope you will be back to your fighting self really soon. xx

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