It’s Father’s Day this month so I thought I would get in early and do some research for a great present for Dad. My dad is now 77 but is young at heart and has a better social life than I do! (Although that’s not really difficult.) He loves to play golf and darts, and he enjoys the occasional trip to the casino. He loves beer, wine, music and a smart jazzy shirt. With that in mind, here are 5 great gift ideas for Father’s Day this year.


1. Beer

I normally buy dad a mixed box of different ales at Christmas – but a beer subscription service, something like Beer 52, would make a great gift. ou can pick and mix your own beers according to taste. Wouldn’t mind that present myself, just FYI.


beer subscription


2.  Smart shirt

We went out for Dexter‘s birthday on Monday and dad commented on my brother’s shirt so I think I might look for something similar for him. It was blue with a vibrant, white pattern on it, something a little different from your regular checked shirt, and I definitely think Dad could pull it off.


3.  Retro record player

Dad has a very eclectic taste in music, his favourite ever band being the Cranberries. Go figure. So when I saw this selection of retro record players from Rock It, I thought that would be really nice present. It’s easier to buy vinyl these days, even Sainsbury’s sell them, and it will be a nice throwback to a simpler time! Check out vintage styles like these ones.

retro record player


retro record player


4.  Putting green

Dad has a plot of land where he can practice his golf and not disturb anyone but the field isn’t cut as short as a putting green so an indoor putting green would be ideal. He can practice in the lounge whilst watching his beloved Sky Sports and improve his handicap, come rain or shine.


indoor putting green


5.  Dinner for two

Dad goes out for dinner with his lady friend at least twice a week so I know that if I were to pay for dinner of his choice, or get him a restaurant voucher, it would be put to good use. I know it’s not the most imaginative of presents but when your dad gets to 77, it’s pretty tricky to buy him a present you haven’t already bought him! And who doesn’t like good food?


And talking of food, I hope that’s given you some … food for thought (sorry). What are you buying your dad for Father’s Day this year?


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