Online dating is tough, you will have seen me share some of my dating highs and lows, and yet I still find myself logging on to one dating app or another every day. Because I remain ever the optimist and believe that 40-something (ahem) is definitely too young to consider myself single forever. So when new app ‘Meetchu’ was launched, being billed as ‘the next Tinder’, I thought I would check it out.




The first thing I noticed about Meetchu was that you can create a video profile introducing yourself, instead of just adding photos. Having fallen victim to meeting people that don’t quite look like their profile photos, I think this is an ingenious addition. Not just from a safety/catfishing perspective, but it allows you to get a real feel for someone immediately. It could save a lot of time. 




As a user, I want a dating app to be uncomplicated … just let me swipe yes or no, look at photos, watch a video profile, and read the bio. And Meetchu is exactly that. But it also includes secure voice and video calling, which is integrated within the app, which means you don’t have to give out your phone number – again, another great security addition that other apps don’t have.




Another great feature is that it allows you to delete the message you’ve already sent. Not just from your phone, but from there as too. So if you’ve rolled out your best joke, but in hindsight thought it was too close to the mark (I may have done this before) you can delete it and start again. Phew!


All in all, a few new design features that really add something different to the dating game. Try it and let me know what you think.


For more information, go to:

And download the app using my code to receive one month’s free premium membership:

Currently only available in iOs in the UK.

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