As some of you may know, I live in a rented house and so it’s difficult for me to decorate it as I would like, but obviously I am able to be creative when it comes to furniture and soft furnishings. But such is my life, my son has literally just had a nosebleed all over my lovely grey sofa so maybe it’s time to look at replacing that in the long run. But as spring approaches, I thought I would think about a few changes I could make to my lounge that would brighten up the room in time for when the sun is finally here.


1. Candles

I used to only burn candles in winter, favouring the heady/musky scents of fig, winter spices, blackberry and amber, but I’ve taken to burning candles the whole year round now, I just adjust the scent according to the season. So in springtime, I tend to burn The White Company’s Wild Mint or Grapefruit candles, a selection of aromatherapy style candles from TK Maxx or, if funds are running low, a three wick No.1 candle from Aldi. A great dupe for Jo Malone.


simply cushions

2.  Cushions

My children may argue that I already have enough cushions for my sofa, but they’re wrong. You can never have too many cushions or mugs, this is a known fact. In winter, I like to decorate the sofa with dark grey, fluffy throws and plush velvet cushions, but in springtime I like to introduce more colour, vary the textures and prints, and it’s amazing the difference a pop of colour can make to a whole room. These cushions below are from, aren’t they gorgeous?


simply cushions

3. Flowers

I’ve never been one to wait for someone to buy me flowers, good job really, and if whenever I have had spare money, my go-to luxury item is always a fresh bunch of flowers. They bring colour and scent into a room for only a few pounds. Or even better, if you are lucky enough like I am to have a garden full of roses, snip a few off, find a pretty vase and voilà, your lounge is brought to life for free.

I hope you liked my three tips to prepare your lounge for spring. I am off to the garden with my shears to pick some flowers.

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