The wedding is a wonderful experience and a new journey for the couple. After a long hectic schedule of rituals and meeting people, you just want to relax and spend some time together. This is where your honeymoon comes to your rescue. Yes, it helps you to move away from the crowd and allows you both to spend time together.


However, amidst the wedding planning and preparations, you might forget to decide where you will be traveling with your beloved. If you are also facing a similar dilemma, don’t worry, as here is a list of the best honeymoon destinations just for you.


So some of the immensely popular and romantic places where you can celebrate the new beginning of your life include:



This lovely place is no less than paradise on earth, with its beautiful sandy beaches worthy of grabbing your attention instantly. The awesome weather and the backdrops are just superb. It is one of the finest destinations to rekindle your love. Do not forget to enjoy the Mauritius sunset through the cruise and the mind-blowing parasailing experience. This destination is just perfect for the honeymooners.



This splendid honeymoon destination flaunts natural beauty at its best and reflects an enthralling blend of culture that attracts the visitors more often. The Bali beaches are quite different, so head towards its pristine beaches and spend those precious moments together. You can spend your evenings while enjoying the fire dance or the Balinese Kecak, which is an amazing one.



One of the most romantic destinations for the couples, Maldives is a place of spectacular views, lovely weather, and a charged-up atmosphere. Its serenading locations, coral reefs, and tranquility are all worthy of sparkling your minds and soul. You can also enjoy the experience of a private yacht or opt for couple spa. The Maldives is a quiet destination, which is the reason why couples want to come here for their honeymoon and enjoy to the fullest.


Bora Bora

Located in the northwest of Tahiti, in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is among the most captivating and best islands of the world. The crystal-clear blue water, a variety of water sports for you and the coral fringed lagoons are some of the attractions not to miss here. Do not forget to bump into one of the pubs to enjoy the dazzling nightlife of this island. The local food of Bora Bora is fabulous and delicious.



The best thing about Santorini is its natural beauty, which is sure to leave you spellbound. The sunset view is so pleasing that you will never want to miss it and the nightlife is vivacious. If you wish to indulge in some of the adventurous activities, Santorini offers you several choices.



An archipelago of 300 plus islands, Fiji is yet another romantic place for the honeymooners. Its isolated beaches and lavish resorts will make your trip heavenly one. Trekking, diving, hiking etc. are some of the thrilling activities that you can enjoy at the Fiji Islands.



Last but not the least on the list is Vietnam. One of the best things to do here is to enjoy the beaches, sunset view and the landscapes. If you are fond of natural beauty, then Vietnam is a mind-blowing destination for your honeymoon. Walking hand in hand with your life-partner along the beaches is a moment you might be longing for. So why not spend this time together and create lifelong memories.


You can choose any of these exciting and exotic international locations as your honeymoon destination. Besides, you could also do your own research to look out for the best place to find solace with your beloved. However, don’t forget to secure your journey with international travel insuranceInternational travel insurance ensures that your foreign trip is not spoiled by unpleasant surprises like theft, or loss of baggage and documents. It can even ensure that you have access to best healthcare without having to pay a huge sum of money in a foreign country.


You can explore numerous travel insurances to choose the one, which adhere to your needs and budget. Several travel insurance products allow you to avail cashless hospitalisation worldwide, so you could prefer them to make way for utmost peace of mind while travelling. It is important to explore multiple destinations to make your honeymoon a lifetime experience. International travel insurance covering your holiday can make it stress-free for you as a consistence companion in emergencies.


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