It has been five weeks since I wrote my first review of the StriVectin skincare range, and I want to give you all an update of how my skin is looking now, a month on. (There was a minor blip where I was in hospital for four days and obviously wasn’t able to carry on with this regime during that period, but as soon as I got home, I picked up where I left off.)


As I mentioned in my first StriVectin blog post, as I get older I am noticing that the lines are a little deeper on my face, not to mention the rogue chin hairs that seem to be multiplying day by day, and I felt it was a good time to start properly investing in good quality skincare. I have been strict about using the products throughout these last four weeks – cleansing my face in the morning and then using the StriVectin Oleic Rapid Recovery Milk, followed by my regular High Street moisturiser. I then use four pumps of the StriVectin Hyaluronic Dual Response Serum in the evening, followed again by my regular High Street night cream. And then twice a week I use the StriVectin Glycolic Skin Reset Mask.


I know I’ve had a lot on my plate, with a broken arm and all that really wanted to be able to give you honest feedback so really stuck to this routine religiously.


So here are some photos of how I look now and then I will include some comparison photos of how I looked at the beginning, a week in and then a month after.


strivectin skincare

strivectin skincare

strivectin skincare

strivectin skincare


strivectin skincare

strivectin skincare

strivectin skincare


Comparison Photos – Before, 1 week after, 1 month after


strivectin skincare

strivectin skincare

strivectin skincare


First thing I want to say is that for someone like me who always felt I didn’t have the time or energy to invest in my skin, I’ve completely changed my mind. Once you get into the habit of applying these products to your face, it becomes second nature. The great thing is that they soak into your skin so quickly you don’t have to hang around before you put your moisturiser on.


The second thing I’ve noticed is that my skin feels softer and definitely plumper than it did before. I never really suffered from dry skin per se but I do feel like my skin looks more youthful than it did before… yes, yes I know I’m 47, but it’s all relative. My ‘youthful’ is very different to 20-year-old’s ‘youthful’ but it definitely feels and looks brighter to me.


I know this probably won’t factor into your decision-making process but for someone with one arm like me, the fact that the products were so easy to apply, either via pipette or pump action, it has meant that I haven’t had to try and un-screw lids with my teeth or feet. Trust me, I’ve had to do that with other products and it’s not a pretty sight.


Granted, the price point is higher than my High Street moisturiser, but for me it’s been worth every penny. It’s been a great experiment to see how much my skin appreciates that extra TLC.


What do you think? Can you see the difference too?

kate sutton


Products available to buy on Amazon and at Harvey Nichols (London/Edinburgh/Dublin.)

You can find StriVectin on Instagram – @StrivectinUK


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  1. The difference is really noticeable, especially around your eye area and the structure of your skin as a whole looks great! I’m curious why you didn’t use Siri Vectin’s moisturiser. Any reason you went for all the peripheral products but not the moisturiser? That’s the thing my French auntie has been talking about a lot for the past 15 years. She would never use a different moisturiser, no matter how expensive it is, and she looks stunning at 55.
    Mel recently posted..Keeping My Kids’ Artwork All in One Place with SnapfishMy Profile

    1. Thanks Mel! I’ve been delighted with the results and will definitely be re-investing myself. I still have 1/3 of each bottle to go, which isn’t bad when it’s been used daily for nearly 6 weeks. I didn’t have the Strivectin moisturiser to try out, and I’m not sure there is one – would have to look into it – but you make a good point. Goes to show that the results are still great, but yes, could maybe be even better if I used the full range. I’m 47 so am very happy with how my skin is looking 🙂

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