Inspired by my good friend Nickie’s blog post, I thought it would be nice to look back on the last month and remind myself of all the things I loved – I’ll no doubt write about all the things that have got right on my wick another time! If I have the time going forward, I think I’d like to do this every month. It’s a good exercise, thinking about the good in the world … even if it is just a new eyeshadow palette.




Finally caught up with The Trip in Spain – the Coogan/Bryden comedy that chronicles their journey around Spain (the north of England and Italy in seasons 2 and 3.) I love the chemistry between them both, seeing the beauty and food of the country but most of all, I love them having impression-offs to see who can do the best impression of Mick Jagger. Also, Steve Coogan is one of my guilty crushes, so I sit there imagining him as my boyfriend throughout.


Next up was another programme I managed to watch on Now TV by signing up for a free two weeks, and that’s Big Little Lies. In fact, one of my very good friends had bought it for me on DVD for my birthday last year but my Macbook doesn’t have a disc drive so it sat there collecting dust. But it was worth the wait. An incredible TV series that focuses on female friendship, set in the beautiful surroundings of Monterey, California. Fantastic cast including Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman but it’s a hard watch, especially if, like me, you’ve a DV survivor. I binge watched the whole thing in two nights – incredible stuff.


My final choice for this month is This Country, on BBC Three. Season 2 is currently showing, but do catch up on season 1, it’s well worth it. Kerry and Kurtan are cousins living in rural Wiltshire, played by real-life brother and sister, Daisy May and Charlie Cooper, and it’s a mockumentary style sitcom but it’s hilarious. Great supporting cast too.




Brownies, brownies and more brownies. I wrote about the perfect brownie recipe and haven’t been able to stop making the damn things ever since. I’ve added white chocolate chunks, played around with the ratio of ingredients and can now make it without weighing anything. This is why I’ll never be thin.


best chocolate brownie


Damn Marks & Spencer and their delicious cheese and onion crispbakes. Can’t get enough of the damn things.


You may have seen me mention that I went on a first date earlier this year and he bought me a bottle of Rhubarb and Ginger gin – well I cracked it open last night and it was delicious! The irony of drinking it on my own on a Saturday night was not lost on me.


rhubarb gin




Nickie, the blogger I mentioned earlier, is a woman I’ve known for years and blogs at I Am Typecast. She started running a couple of years ago but, like me, has struggled with fitness … insofar as never finding it easy. But last week she suddenly signed up for a half marathon and completed it – how awesome is that! I’m always impressed by people that fight through the pain (and Christ I can imagine how painful it was,) so she gets a special mention this month.




I bought an eye-shadow palette by Make-up Revolution (woman on a budget here) and finally used it when I went out OUT with my best friend last weekend. Now I’m not the greatest at putting make-up on but picked up a few tips after my Red Shoe photoshoot and I think I did alright. First time I’ve used warmer, more coppery eyeshadow, and a darker, sparkly red on the corners (bottom left) – I just need to go out more often. Only £4.


copper eyeshadow


copper eyeshadow


I’m sure there was a lot more to love in March but I’ve been particularly focused on my new job, so these were the things I remembered. What did you love last month?


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