A few weeks ago, you may have seen me write about a targeted fat reduction/non surgical liposuction system called Silk’n Lipo. It was a more technical post about how the product worked, what it offered etc because at the time, I wasn’t able to try it out for myself. Well I’m thrilled that I now can! And not only that, but I’m going to be reporting back to you several times over the coming months about how I’m getting on and, more importantly, if I’ve seen any change in my measurements.


I want to say that for the record, for me, using a product like this isn’t in place of going to the gym, more that it will run alongside it. It’s not a fat removal system per se, but it’s billed as laser lipo and I’ll be using it in conjunction with the gym and healthy eating is the plan. I do enjoy going to the gym, but there are just times when I can’t get there, or do any exercise – like last month due to work and snow, and with my impending new job (new blog post coming!) – it’s good for me to know that I can use a product at home that’s going to help tone up my problem areas.


Because I’ll be honest, I’ve been so stressed with work or, on occasion lack thereof, that my diet and fitness have taken a serious backseat. It’s only natural isn’t it? When life gets in the way, and you can’t get out to exercise, but that’s the beauty of Silk’n Lipo, because you can just attach it to different parts of your body and it will do the work for you.









Quite what the results are going to be, I honestly have no idea, and I know I’m going to be a bit embarrassed sharing measurements with you because I’ve been so, not complacent, that’s not the right word, because it hasn’t been because I haven’t wanted to exercise per se, I just haven’t been able to. So I’m going to be completely honest with you each month about how I find the system, the pros and cons, my before and after measurements each month and fingers crossed, I’ll start to see my body tone up again.


So here are my current measurements. I’ve put around 6″ on in the last six weeks, which was the last time I measured myself:


  • Waist – 42″
  • Bust – 48″
  • Hips – 51.5″
  • Thigh – 27.5″
  • Calf – 16.5”
  • Upper arm – 14.5
  • Upper knee – 18.5”


I braved the cold to take these photos (I live in Kent where we’ve had snow for over a week now so it’s bitter), but this is how I’m looking right now. I haven’t been brave enough to step on the scales for a couple of months, not just because I know I’ve put on weight, but because my mental health is so good right now I don’t want to go through the whole guilt/fear thing of weighing myself. So I might, I might not. But I do want to continue to feel good about myself and using the Silk’n Lipo system seems a good way to get me back on track.

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