Most of us are guilty of ignoring our gardens throughout winter. The cold, wet weather makes it less than appealing to step outside let alone do any work on the front, back or side garden. As spring comes around though, leaves will begin reappearing on trees, the first few shoots will begin popping up and gardens should look more presentable. Now is the time to spring clean your garden to ensure it’s fully ready for summer.

Basic Garden Maintenance

A few basic garden maintenance actions should be taken to make sure everything is clean and prepared for the new growing season. These include:

  • Clear flower beds: Remove any leaves and debris, cutting back any dead growth so that the area is ready for new flowers to be planted.
  • Check the soil: Too much water and cold weather can damage soil. Check it’s workable by digging down six inches and if it’s wet and sticks together it needs more time.
  • Look for pests: It’s best to deal with any slugs or other garden pests before you start planting anything fresh.
  • Fix infrastructure: Wind and rain could have damaged fences and gates so fix these and treat any wooden structures with wood preservative when dry.


Plant Seeds Inside

Once you’ve cleared a lot of the debris and completed the above basic tasks, it’s time to prepare for late spring and summer. A good idea is to start any seeds off indoors, where they won’t be at risk from the elements if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Once these have germinated you can transplant them outside to flourish.

Create a list of what you want to plant, from flowers to fruit and vegetables and put it into a planting calendar. This will make it easy to organise when you need to prepare the soil, plant the seeds and check up on them.


Don’t Forget the Garage and Driveway

Focusing on your garden can mean you forget about the driveway and garage. These will need a good spring clean, especially if you haven’t been in your garage for months. Take a stock check and make a list of any tools you could do with from SGS Engineering for any future plans you have, to fill up your garage.

For your driveway, begin getting rid of any weeds, checking for damaged pavestones and give the whole thing a good clean. Visiting guests and passers-by should be impressed.

As well as inside your home it’s important to give the whole garden a good spring clean so that it’s ready and looking good for summer.


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