Winter sometimes seems like the harshest season. It leaps on us all too soon after the renewal of spring and the sunny fun of summer. But a well-designed home can help fight off the winter blues with warm feelings and warmth. Explore some ways to make your home more inviting during the cold weather season.

Treat Windows Right

Windows are a large heat loss source in our homes, allowing warm air to radiate around their potentially imperfect seals. While you can and should try to maintain the seals on your window frames, you’ll probably want to use window treatments if you are losing much heat that way. 

Heavy blinds and curtains block and slow the heat transfer, and they are easy to install for even the least skilled home improvement enthusiast. But remember to open the curtains during the sunny hours of the day; the light and heat from the sun will help warm up your house.

Heat Up the Decor

Although technically warmth is an objective measure of the presence of energy in a room, it’s also a state of mind — or at least our perception of it is. If you set up a sunnier interior decor, your home can seem cozy no matter how much snow sits outside. 

Warm paintings and decorations help create a good state of mind, and items such as decorative candles serve a double function as a conversation piece and a small heat source. Putting out heavy throws, blankets, and other coverings can also help keep people cozy as well.

Walk and Caulk

While your walls form the best barrier your house has against the cold, that barrier is fallible and degrades over time. If you don’t regularly pay attention to the state of your exterior walls, they can develop small cracks and other flaws, letting in the cold air. 

As a part of your winter weather preparation routine, take a walk around your home and look for any new cracks or holes that need fixing. Pay extra attention to the joints on your windows, which are natural trouble spots. Small issues can be repaired easily with a bit of caulk and some elbow grease.

Change the Air Filter in Your HVAC System

While it won’t make your home any warmer directly, your HVAC system’s air filter needs to be regularly changed to help make your home cosier. For starters, a clean filter lets your HVAC system work more smoothly, meaning both less energy used and more effective climate control. Moreover, less dirt in your home’s vents means less dirt in the air, which, in turn, means less dirt in your lungs and more comfortable breathing. It’s hard to feel at home when you are coughing and suffering from a runny nose.

A well-prepared home is almost like a hibernating animal’s den, capable of sustaining its inhabitants through the ravages of winter. Prepare your home for winter when the weather is still warm so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable season.


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