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The Movavi Video Editor is a great convenient tool to easily create & edit vacation/travel videos and share them with friends in an instant. The free software (basic version) allows you to add filters, cool transitions, and awesome titles to your movies so that you can upload them directly on YouTube or send them to your loved ones without hassle. With Movavi Video Editor you can concoct spectacular movies of memorable events like wellness vacations, weddings or graduation parties to be treasured as a family memorabilia. You can even include photos of your travel sprees or family occasions and transform them into great movies.

The software has a simple and easy to use interface, thus you don’t need to have prior moviemaking experience to create stunning videos by using the drag-and-drop tools within the tool. The basic editor includes uncomplicated settings and intuitive video editing options. The new automatic video creation tool enables video generation within minutes based on your input. It comes equipped with amazing built in tutorials and a range of online guides that make the learning experience for video editing pretty simple and quick. The interface offers great flexibility in terms of options for enhancing video quality, correcting defects and adding transitions & animations including music and soundtracks.

The Movavi Video Editor provides support for multiple popular input and output formats allowing for a great video editing experience. Additionally, the software includes 4k video support, great tutorials for beginners and hardware acceleration support with compatibility for 14 different languages. It could, however, do with a greater control over special effects, interface design flexibility and enhanced functionality for usage reporting. YouTube Integration is a great feature permitting you to share the videos online with your family and friends in an instant through a seamless online sharing process.


Added functionality includes

  • Built-in media that includes video clips, backgrounds, music, and sound to be accessed from Video Editor library
  • The video stabilisation feature removes motion distortion without affecting overall movie quality
  • Beat Detection automatically identifies audio rhythm to blend with the tempo of your movie
  • Picture Merge feature combines multiple videos on one screen
  • Audio editing tool allows adjusting audio frequency, normalize audio, remove noise and apply special effects
  • Audio Recording feature permits recording your own voiceover via microphone and capture sound from musical instruments
  • High-level performance allows editing and exporting videos without delay due to Intel® hardware acceleration support
  • Use webcam capture feature to record video from your web camera and edit using the software

User Tips

With Movavi Video Editor, creating visually pleasant videos is simple and efficient. Just import the video of your choice and add transitions, titles, music and special effects of your preference. You can also choose features like video stabilization and audio editing tools to hone up your hard work. Save the edited video in a popular output format to share it online.

Download this awesome movie editing software for free right now to check out its cool features.

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