Take a minute to look outside – it’s probably a little grey out there, right? Everything is looking a bit dead, tired and in need of a revamp. So when the warmer weather comes around and you finally roll your sleeves up and get out in the garden (it’s a great way to get fit ready for summer), what can you do to the space to ensure it looks good all year round? Let’s take a look:


Invest in a new patio

If your paving slabs are looking a bit tired, it may be time to give your patio area a revamp. This ensures it looks good all year round whatever the weather. You can get really creative with designs – from intricate block work to attractive gravel in the spaces between the slabs.


If you’re not quite ready to re-lay a whole slabbed area, grab the pressure washer and give your patio a clean – do this regularly throughout the year to get rid of any moss or grime, ensuring this space looks good all year round.


Choose perennials

Perennial plants look good all year round, provided you keep on top of their pruning. This type of plant doesn’t die off over winter but instead offers blooms or greenery even in the cooler months. Examples of perennials you can add to your garden include:


  • Sedum – This brightly coloured plant offers bunches of bold flowers that are particularly vibrant in autumn and even winter. Add a few around your garden to enjoy colour even during grey months.
  • Lavender – Offering stunning colour in the spring and summer months and greenery during winter, lavender looks incredible and is great for encouraging visits from wildlife into your garden too.
  • Geranium – Great for hanging baskets, geraniums are hardy perennials that keep coming back for more all year round. They can add a pop of colour hanging high or deep within flower beds and are relatively low maintenance too.


Paint the shed

A brightly coloured shed adds some cheer to your garden all year round and can be painted to match whatever theme you may be looking to create in your outdoor space. A bright blue or a bold purple could look great and the colour can be extended around the garden with matching pots and even furniture.


Stay on top of pruning

Make an effort this year to keep an eye on your plants and ensure you are dead-heading when needed. This ensures they will provide colour for longer, stretching out their life in your space.


Choose a feature

If you’re not one for getting dirty in flower beds then another way to add some interest and ensure your garden looks good all year round is to add a feature. This could be a good looking table and chair set, a water feature or a rockery with easy to care for plants such as heather, succulents and dianthus dotted throughout.


Ready to give your garden a boost? Try out these tips and have an outside space you can enjoy all year round.



* In collaboration with author, Rachael Matthews

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