We’re sure that you don’t forget about your plants and water them very carefully. We’re also pretty sure you’ve encountered layers and layers of dust on them. So what is there to do? You’re surely not going to let them die. And you surely don’t want to get rid of them,  clean plants are the fresh look of a home and have the ability to change the atmosphere from the house.  Dust can block the pores and this way, transpiration will not happen anymore. For those of you who are confused, transpiration is when moisture “walks” from the root to the pores on the leaves. It also stops photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is when the light is converted into energy.


Fresh Plants

After reading on Kingofmaids.com – New York City, you might wanna take their advice and clean your plants when you water them, using a bottle full of clean, warm water. Keep in mind that it’s never a good idea to clean your inside plants with cold water, because the plants you usually keep in your house are tropical ones, so they like the warm part better. And even so, cold water leaves spots on the leaves.

If, however, the layer of dust is too thick, get a bucket of bubbly water and wash the leaves, putting them in your palms, while cleaning the dirt and dust. After this, use a wet and clean piece of cloth to wash the soap. This way, the plant will have a more shiny look. Then use the bottle of warm water and spray them from time to time.


house plants


Artificial Plants

As stated on Kingofmaids.com, artificial plants are the most effective way to make your house liven up with different colours and forms of plants. And you won’t have to water them at all, of course. However, dust may ruin them. To prevent this, use a feather duster or an artificial flower spray cleaner. Even the cleaning tool from your vacuum cleaner is good. To wash them properly without ruining the colour, use a microfiber cloth and warm water. A toothbrush is good too, it removes the grime and dirt in no time. If it’s easier for you, remove each stem and place them in a bucket of water and let them soak. Then let them fully dry before putting them all together in the vase again.


Here’s how to keep your plants healthy

First of all, you need to place the plant in a wide space where they can thrive. It’s very important for your plant that its environment is not a messy one, so your house should be tidy and definitely not crowded for them to have the place to get the light that’s necessary for their growth. So the items that block the windows are the most known answer to why plants die.

In addition to this, don’t forget to put your plant in different spaces in your house to see where it fits better and which is the proper one for it to get the light. So just choose a place and leave them there for a month or two and see how it reacts. This way you’ll get to know the plant and also you’ll find out which area in your house is the best one for your colourful friends.


Moving Your Plants


This is another thing that you should keep in mind while moving your plants. Those one which is for the indoor are really expensive and given this, you might reconsider replacing one.  So you will probably end up taking them with you to the new place. But don’t worry! Experts say that just as outdoor plants, indoor plants should do just fine without light and water for almost 5 days.


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