Applying for an “ESTA” (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) is a necessary step that must be done if you decide to travel to the United States. Otherwise you won’t be able to get there. The ESTA pass can be obtained online on the official website and it is valid for two years. During those two years the ESTA can be used for multiple visits, although it is recommended that you won’t visit the country too often as it might look suspicious.

If you do not have an ESTA yet, or if you need to make sure that it is still visit you must go to the official US government website and there you should find a tab that says “Check ESTA Status”. You should know that this should be done at least 72 hours before the trip since you might discover that you have been rejected and you need to apply once again.

What do you need?

In order to check your ESTA status you will have to enter your personal information. For example, you will need to type your first name and your family name, the way they are in your passport. You will have to add your date of birth and country of citizenship, as well as the country that issued your passport. Finally, you will need to enter your passport number and your email address.

After all the needed information is entered you will be informed about your current ESTA status. The result should be send as a PDF in an email, and you should also be able to see when ESTA will expire. It is very important to make sure that ESTA will remain valid until the date of your trip comes up, otherwise you might need to apply again.

Re-applying for ESTA

There is a list of reasons why you might have to apply to ESTA again. This will be needed if certain personal information changed in the past and need to be updated. For example, your will need to re-apply for ESTA if you change your country of residence or your country of citizenship. The same thing for changing your name, even if we are talking about marriage, or changing your gender.

Finally, you must apply for a new ESTA if you have a new passport or if the answers to the mandatory questions have changed since the last time that you applied for ESTA.

Updating your information

In certain cases, you won’t need to apply for a new ESTA, but only to update your information. You can change certain details. For example, if you have modified your contact email address you will be able to add the new one. The same thing is available if you want to change your address while staying in the United States.

You can update these details online, but you will need apply once again for ESTA if other information has been changed. Make sure that you complete all the fields correctly.



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