It’s Friday night, and you’re looking forward to having a relaxing weekend at home. But as you enter your abode, you notice the pile of bills and trinkets on the coffee table, the dishes in the sink, the clothes scattered on the floor, and the thin film of dust and dirt covering your furniture.

You know that there’s no way you’re having that dream weekend now. So you gather your resolve and make the conscious decision to spend the weekend to bring back cleanliness and order to your home.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed and give up when you discover all the work you need to do. But you need not worry. With the right approach, supplies, and these tips, you can end your weekend on a high note.




Survey Your Home

First off, inspect every room in your house, and make a checklist of the tasks you need to do. Take note of all the areas and surfaces that need scrubbing, vacuuming, and mopping, the linens that need changing, and everything that needs organizing. This way, you have a clear idea of what needs to be accomplished.

Assign a time limit for every task and end your cleaning spree according to schedule so you won’t be too tired for the next day.


Divide and Conquer

Next, you have to plan your everything carefully. You have the whole weekend to raid every corner of your home and get rid of all the dust, dirt, and clutter, but that doesn’t mean that you can randomly start scrubbing, vacuuming, and wiping. It’s best if you divide areas in your house.

On the first day, you can focus on the inner rooms, like the bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Leave the common rooms, like the living room and kitchen, for the second day. Remember to start cleaning from top to bottom to avoid cleaning and re-cleaning the floor and other surfaces when the mess from the ceiling inevitably falls down.


Get into the Cleaning Mindset

You’ll be spending two whole days doing chores instead of watching that new series your friend recommended, reading a good book, or trying out that recipe you found online. This is why you have to summon the drive to soldier on through two days of nonstop chores.

Wear clothes that you’re not afraid to mess up, turn up the music, and bust out your cleaning supplies. And remember to think about all the rewards of cleaning, like how it prevents you from getting infections and allergies, makes you burn calories, improves your concentration, and helps you to manage your mood and to relax.


Use the Best Cleaning Supplies

Arm yourself with the necessary cleaning supplies, but be careful with the products you use. Some products contain overly strong and/or harmful ingredients that can destroy your furniture and/or introduce toxic chemicals to your home. Try some homemade cleaning products that use everyday ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

Using the right tools can considerably make all the work easier for you. Invest in tools that are effective and durable, like those made with microfiber materials. It’s easy to learn cleaning microfiber cloths. You can either hand-wash or machine-wash your microfiber cloths, without using detergent, and leave them to air-dry. 


Get Organised

If you don’t have an organization system, then it’s time that you create one. Organization is key to maintaining a clean and orderly home. You should invest in different methods to organize or try out creative DIY projects available online.

When storing things likes shoes, clothes, jewelry, and makeup, use transparent containers so you can easily find what you need. Install hooks, tension rods, hangers, and bungee cords in convenient places to make it easier for you to put away and keep track of your stuff. Also consider giving away all the stuff that you don’t need instead of letting them clutter your home.


Prevent Things from Getting Out of Hand

The best way to avoid using up your weekend breaks to catch up on your chores is to maintain the cleanliness and order in your home. Put your stuff away after using them. Wash your dirty dishes as soon as you’re done. Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly. And most of all, always be aware of your living conditions.


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