Often, people are too hard on themselves. We all like to try to be strict with ourselves so that we can be productive, healthy and save money, but sometimes this is taken too far. It is important that we treat ourselves from time to time as this can make you much happier – happiness is so important in life and something that we must all strive for (it can also make you healthier!).


Treating Yourself

This is why the occasional treat should be encouraged. Whether this is treating yourself to some chocolates, buying that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for weeks or a mini break – these will have a significant impact on your mood and often allow you to refocus on your goals. Provided that these treats are in moderation and do not create any kind of issue, they are an important part of life. Those that do not treat themselves – no matter how big or small – often suffer from burnout and are not happy (even if they achieve their goals).



Retail Therapy

If you enjoy retail therapy then you can compound the negative feelings attached to this (spending money that should be saved) by taking advantage of sales. Sales are proving to be very popular in the UK in recent times with 90% of people stating that retail promotions will influence them into purchasing something. Many people panic after taking advantage of sales and feel that they have overspent, but this usually is not the case and you should have saved a fair amount of money provided you were sensible with purchases.



Positive Rewards

In terms of the best way to treat yourself, it should always be something that you desire and will have a lasting positive impact. This is why shopping is always a good option and especially clothes or goods for the home. Clothes can boost confidence and will last a long time, whilst goods for the home you will see/use every day and can impact how you feel at home (hugely important for mood). A new armchair from somewhere like Utility that you sit in every day could be a brilliant treat, for example.



Setting targets and being strict with yourself is important and can help you to be happier, healthier and more successful. However, it is also important to be realistic and to treat yourself from time to time. In addition to enjoying life more, this can also help you to relax, refocus and achieve your goals.


*  This is a collaborative post.

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