I don’t have a summer holiday booked. Yet. It’s on my list of things to do … along with actually earning enough money to be able to afford said holiday. But even if Dexter and I just get to go away in the UK, as long as I get a break of some sort, I’ll be happy. Although of course, the Caribbean would be jolly nice.


One thing I often get asked about as a ‘plus size’ blogger, is where to find a good swimsuit or bikini if you’re more voluptuous/curvy/well endowed/fuller figured like me, and so I thought I’d choose a couple of bikinis and swimsuits I’ve recently found from Simply Beach, that I thought you might like. I’ve chosen what I think are sexy, black swimsuits/bikinis because as I get older, I literally care less and less what people think of me, so I just wear what I like. I’ve talked about wearing bikinis as a plus size woman before and I’m passionate about encouraging women of all sizes to wear one (if they want to of course), so let’s see what I’ve found … just click on the headings for full details:




swimwear for fuller figure


This bikini really caught my eye because of the fishnet detailing, but the fact that it’s also underwired means there’s plenty of support there if you do have big boobs. I thought the price, at £26, was very reasonable, and it goes up to a 38G! It’s original, you certainly wouldn’t find anyone wearing this on the beach, and it’s also just a little bit sexy. I wouldn’t wear the matching bikini bottoms because my tummy needs a little support, so I’d just pair it with a pair of plain, black, higher-waisted bottoms.



sexy black swimsuit for fuller figure


Granted, a little out of my comfort zone right now but as I lose more weight and get stronger, I am getting more and more confident and think I could totally rock this swimsuit. Doubtful I’d be doing any exercise in it … but for lounging around the pool, perfect. You could lower the zip, depending on your mood, and you’d certainly get noticed! A reasonable £34, and it goes up to a size 18.



sexy black swimsuit for fuller figure


And finally, this black, ruched swimsuit is a little more traditional and supportive, but I think it’s going to be super flattering to wear. This stylish swimsuit has a double wrap front that will flatter your figure and moulded cups for bust support and a smooth shape. Priced at £38, this goes up to a size 22.



swimsuits fuller figure


I absolutely love the crossover detailing of this swimsuit, although you’ll be risking an unusual sun-tan mark. But I think it would be really flattering on a fuller bust. Priced at £34, going up to a size 18.



swimsuit fuller figure


The moulded cups of this bikini top looks like it would give a bigger bust sufficient support, because as much as I’m not averse to a slightly skimpier bikini on occasion, for the most part, I don’t really want to set my boobs free when I’m swimming in a pool. £22.50, up to 38G.


I hate to think there are clothes that people think I shouldn’t be wearing, just because I’m a bigger woman, and so I hope these swimsuits and bikinis have given you a little food for thought for when you go on holiday. Why not be a little braver this year and slip on something sexier than usual? I know I will. 


kate sutton

*  This post is in collaboration with Simply Beach

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