I was lucky enough to travel to Australia when I was 19 and ever since then, I haven’t been able to stop daydreaming about the country. I think it may be something to do with the fact that it’s a currently very wet and cold January morning but still, what’s not to love about Australia?


I follow a YouTuber that’s based in Sydney, where they’re currently experiencing a hotter than normal summer, but I’m still incredibly jealous! She lives in a house opposite the beach and I watched a vlog last night where she and her boyfriend went swimming at dusk and it just looked like the most wonderful thing to do ever! (If you want to follow her, her YouTube channel is Sarah’s Day.) So it’s her fault Australia is on my mind.


If you’ve never been, but you’re tempted and you’re thinking about what Sydney has to offer, I’ve listed below three things that I think you’ll love:


1.  Sydney Opera House


sydney australia

OK, this one may be a little obvious, but it’s such an iconic building you just have to visit. I remember when I visited with my family, I was so blown away just by the fact I was actually there that, some 30 years later, I can still vividly recall that image. If you love the arts, make this destination a must-see.


2.  Bondi Icebergs Pool


sydney australia


You can’t visit Sydney and not visit Bondi beach right? But did you know that you can also visit a 50-metre saltwater pool? The baths have been a landmark of Bondi for 100 years, and it is the oldest winter swimming club in Australia. You can become a member (but have swim 3 Sundays a month for 5 years!) but fear not, you can visit for just $6.50 for casual entry.


3.  Food & Wine


sydney australia


I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the food was when I went to Australia, the fresh seafood in particular, but there is so much more to Australia than massive prawns! (Although they are huge!) And I can imagine it can only have improved. The diverse nature of the country means that Australian cuisine is a broad mix of different flavours from across the world and if you’re a fan of Australian Masterchef like me, you’ll have seen the passion Australians have for food.


Also, if you start watching YouTuber, Sarah’s Day (I mentioned above), you’ll see how amazingly healthy all the food looks when she visits local cafes – Acai bowls, smoothies, whole food stores, brunches full of poached eggs and avocado … honestly, I’m tempted to emigrate purely for the food!

Travelling to Australia has never been easier than it is right now, and if you book in January, it is actually 12% cheaper than any other month. We all better start planning our trip!


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