As I look back at 2017, I’m quite disappointed that I didn’t get to travel as much as I would have liked. This was for various reasons … lack of money, working too hard and my weird public transport ‘issue.’ So I think now is a great time to look forward to next year and to start researching places of interest, decide where I want to go and make it happen!


At the top of my list at the moment, is Cancun, Mexico. World-famous beaches, amazing food, a rich history and glorious sunshine, what’s not to love? I’ve done a lot of research (so you don’t have to), about some of the great things to do and experience in Cancun, so here they are:


1.  Cancun underwater museum of Art



I thought this underwater museum of art looked fascinating, certainly something I’ve never come across in my travels before. You can view it either by glass-bottomed boat or by scuba diving in and around it, and it consists of over 500 permanent life-sized and monumental sculptures.


2.  Chichén Itzá


You can’t visit Cancun without a day trip to the largest and most notable Mayan archaeological site in Yucatan – Chichén Itzá.  It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and features a pyramid-shaped El Castillo, which was used by the Mayans once as a place of worship. It understandably gets very busy, so it might be worth visiting early in the morning.


3.  Visit the beautiful beaches


As much as I love soaking up a country’s history, I also love soaking up its sunshine! Cancun is perfect for that because of its beautiful beaches. Playa Cac Mool and Playa Delfines are two beaches that keep cropping up as the best ones to visit, so they’ll be at the top of my list.


4.  Explore the cenotes



Cenotes are hidden sacred sinkholes filled with water, which create the most amazing environment for diving, snorkeling and swimming. Ik-Kil, nestled just a couple of miles from Chichén Itzá, is considered one of most sought-after pools and cenotes to cool off in in this region. There are nearly 7,000 cenotes in Mexico, and these secret underground caverns are formed when limestone caves in, and are part of a massive underground network of rivers and caves that remain, for the large part, unexplored.


5.  Xcaret Eco Theme Park


Located on the seashore near Cancun in the Riviera Maya, Xcaret Park is a theme park, resort and eco-tourism development and top attraction in Cancun. Perfect for families, it is full of endless attractions, including snorkeling tours, swimming in underground rivers and swimming with dolphins. You’ll need at least a full day in Xcaret to see everything it has to offer.


I hope that’s given you some food for thought if you’re thinking about a trip to Mexico in 2018. As for me, I’ve already started saving!

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