I’m unofficially on countdown mode for Christmas now. In my head anyway because, as a freelancer, I won’t really be slowing down any time soon. Work is still coming in, and it still needs to be done, but I can’t complain. (Well, I can but no-one would listen haha!)


And on top of work, I’m thinking about what presents I need to buy (I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet), what food to take to my brother’s house for Christmas dinner (I’m in charge of dessert – the most important part of any dinner), I need to save up to buy new school uniform for Dexter because he’s grown out of everything, I’m applying for extra jobs because I’m not earning enough and I’m generally just worrying about everything and everyone.


Phew! Can anyone else relate?


I’m lucky that I’m generally a very laid-back person but even I’m getting stressed this month, so I think it’s really important to remind myself, especially as I’m my own boss, and because I’m single, that it’s OK to give myself ‘permission’ to have a break from work now and again.


Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to take a break:


  • In the long run, it makes us better at our jobs.
  • It makes us more available in our relationships. Yes, I’m single, but being stressed is not a good look when you’re dating!
  • It makes us have more energy for our families. Dexter is a teenager, which means he doesn’t really require a lot from me physically (just food and money!) but taking a break means we can do things like go to the cinema together.
  • It gives us a new appreciation for what we do for work. Well, in theory!
  • I’ve mentioned my battle with anxiety recently so for me, it’s vital I take time to re-set mentally. I know that if I keep pushing myself hard, the easiest of tasks becomes difficult, ideas dry up and I’m no good to anyone, so it’s important to give my brain a rest.


I think most of us feel like we’re constantly ‘on the go’, so why do we find it so difficult to take breaks when they’re clearly so beneficial to us? Maybe we feel that we’re on this hamster wheel called life and if we stop, we’ll just fall off. But we won’t. I tell you what we do need though. More Bank Holidays! I hope to God we’re going to get one when Prince Harry marries.




Treated.com have written a really interesting blog post all about this subject, so I thought I would find out which countries have the most holidays. Did you know that annually, the UK only has eight Bank Holidays but Colombia and India have 18! And over the Christmas period, Russia observes the highest number of public holidays with a total number of seven days, compared to our measly three! (I’d move to Russia if it wasn’t so cold.)




So whether you work for yourself, an employer or you’re a stay at home parent, remember to take some much deserved time off this Christmas. I know I will.

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