Every homeowner has experienced a household emergency or needed urgent repairs at an inconvenient time. Whether you have a leaky sink, a clogged toilet, or find yourself locked out of your home, simple and inexpensive household items can help you get out of a jam.


Here are some suggestions that will come in handy for any homeowner or renter.


Multi-Headed Screwdriver


A multi-headed screwdriver is such a useful item, every homeowner should have it as part of his or her tool kit. These screwdrivers can be used in any situation, from changing a light fixture to changing batteries in a child’s toy.


Consider buying a range of sizes for different uses. This will save you the trouble of maintaining a large collection of screwdrivers that can be easily lost.



Plumbing Snake


Repeated use of chemical drain openers may damage your pipes. It’s better to use a plumbing snake to remove the blockage.


Most snakes are easy to operate by hand. Toilet snakes have a plastic cover to prevent the porcelain surface from damage.


Lock Picking Set


One item not commonly thought of as a standard household tool is a lock picking set. Having a lock picking set (and learning how to use it) can save you costly visits from the locksmith and get you into your home at any time of day or night.


Try a Bogota lock pick for an easy-to-use solution and take the time to learn to use it. With your new lock picking abilities, friends may call you to help them get into a locked house.


Duct Tape


Duct tape is the cheapest, easiest way to repair many household items. It can be used to patch plumbing leaks, to quickly fix tears in clothing and outdoor equipment, and to secure loose trim on your car. It can even be used in first aid situations as a quick splint.


Keep a few different colors of duct tape in your home for different uses: black can be more discreet than silver when making repairs.




A flashlight is another piece of equipment every home should have. Consider keeping a range of flashlights around your home so they can easily be found in an emergency situation. Not only is it needed in power outages, but it can help you look for a lost item behind a piece of furniture or an appliance. It’s also a good idea to keep a flashlight in your car in case you are stranded at night.




Use this list and check through your household inventory. If you don’t have all of these items, consider buying them for yourself. You may be able to save yourself the hassle of replacing an expensive item or hiring a repair person at an inconvenient time.



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