I love Christmas but I’m definitely one of those slightly miserly, ‘I’m refusing to even think about Christmas until December’ type of people. Until, that is, an Italian bakery brand called Arden & Amici got in touch and sent me all the Panettone and Amaretti biscuits and now I can’t wait until Christmas! So yesterday pretty much consisted of taking photos of cake and biscuits and taste testing them. I know, I know … insert eyeroll here.


Arden & Amici


The first product I want to tell you about is a tin of soft Amaretti biscuits. Now this may be the strangest sentence I’ve written in a while but I’m a soft Amaretti biscuit virgin, so didn’t know what to expect. Firstly, look how pretty they are. I love that they’re individually wrapped in wax paper and not only do they look pretty, but they stay super fresh (they’re wrapped in cellophane too.) Nothing worse than a stale biscuit, right?


Arden & Amici

Arden & Amici


They literally melted in my mouth, crumbled down my top and lasted all of 3 seconds. I’ll be honest, at my age, I tend to steer clear of really hard foods you know, just in case, so this little full-flavoured almondy morsel was perfect.


Next, was the mini Cranberry and Orange Panettone.


Arden & Amici

Arden & Amici


Surrounded in a wax paper, this was as light as air, buttery and full of fruit. I have a bit of an aversion to lemon peel and because this was full of cranberries, I think this is the flavour I would choose to buy again. I ate it just before I went to the gym and because it was so light, I didn’t feel heavy after eating it at all. I loved every mouthful and would 10/10 buy it again.


And finally, the big classic Panettone. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried this yet because I really do want to save it for Christmas, but if the one above I ate is anything to go by, it’s going to be delicious and I can’t wait to eat it. On my own. With no children around of course.


You can see the full range of Christmas products here, and I’m sure there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Arden & Amici


Being able to try out these delicious products means that my Christmas bakery game is going to be strong this year and although I may have already eaten the mini Cranberry & Orange Panettone (#research), I still have the bigger version to eat. Coincidentally, I saw a tribute to Antonio Carluccio at the weekend and he shared a recipe for leftover (ha!) Panettone which looked gorgeous – Zuccotto … a layered ricotta and Panettone pudding, with nuts and Marsala and cocoa and ooh, it sounds delicious. So I think I’m going to have to try that out on Boxing Day.


I also think that because the packaging one each product is so beautiful, they’d also make a lovely Christmas present. I’d certainly be delighted if I received any of the Arden & Amici range as a Christmas present … just FYI.


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  1. Oh Kate, it is dangerous to be reading about and therefor drooling over Christmas treats at 11am in the morning!
    Having said that we did have Christmas Pudding last night so any excuse to have some Christmas goodies is okay in my book!
    *off to order some because why not…!*

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