A family trip to NYC is one of those once in a lifetime holidays that you’ll spend months l looking forward to, and years reminiscing  about. In fact, it’s such a vibrant and bustling place that you and the kids are likely to remember it forever and, if you make sure you pack it full of exciting activities while you’re there, you’ll remember it or all the right reasons. Here are some family friendly attractions to consider squeezing into your itinerary if you’re heading to the Big Apple soon…




America tends to do everything that little bit bigger and better than the UK, and it’s safe to say that entertainment is one of those things! There’s nowhere else on earth like Broadway if you’re a fan of theatre, and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to catching a world-class show. Older families with teenagers aged 16+ might enjoy seeing a classic show like this one, but younger families might enjoy something a little more age appropriate for little ones, such as the ever-popular School of Rock or Wicked, for example.


But whatever the case, rest assured that you’ll have an incredible time on Broadway. The performances that are suitable for youngsters are expertly written, designed and choreographed for the adults taking them along, so you’re sure to be up and about stamping your feet to the big hits – just look at how the Lion King does a great job of appealing to audience members of all ages.


Central Park


Central Park is one of New York City’s premier attractions, but the best news of all (particularly for families) is that it’s totally free to enjoy. Take a walk around, check out the boats on Conservatory Water (it was the setting for the famous boat scene in Stuart Little), and let the kids clamber over the Alice in Wonderland Statue. If you don’t mind paying for one or two things, you can all enjoy a ride on the Friedsam Memorial Carousel, or pay a visit to Central Park Zoo to see penguins, poison-dart frogs and more.


Pizza tours


If your family loves nothing more than devouring steaming slices of cheesy pizza (which family doesn’t?), they’re going to love NYC’s pizza tours. A half-day pizza tasting bus tour will see all of you taken around the best pizzerias in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, with knowledgeable guides sharing their encyclopaedic knowledge of all things dough and mozzarella related. The kids are bound to love it, and you’ll get to see parts of New York you may not have ventured to otherwise.


Coney Island


Remember how much you loved arcades and flickering lights as a child? Well, Coney Island is the place to be if you want your little ones to have the chance to enjoy it in NYC – the carnival rides are great fun, the Coney Island Circus Sideshow is surreal, and the classic boardwalk is nostalgic and filled with the scent of marshmallow sticks, burgers and crinkle-cut French fries. Kid-heaven, basically!


Of course, there are plenty of famous family attractions to pack into your trip to New York City, such as a trip up the Empire State Building, a ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty, and perhaps a walk along the High Line. Just do a little planning before you go to choose what would suit you and your family best, as you won’t be able to cram it all into one holiday… but it will certainly give you a good excuse to head back for a second visit!



* This post is in collaboration with Rachael Matthews, author.

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