So today’s the day. “For what exactly Kate? Finally shaving your legs? Hoovering under your bed? Deleting your ex’s telephone number?” Erm, well no, none of those things. But today is the day that I finally pull my finger out and get back on the weight loss gravy train.


Mmmm … gravy.


I woke up today full of energy. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie. I woke up tired, as per, but after two vases (aka my Sports Direct mug) of coffee, THEN I felt full of energy. And something just clicked with me. Just like it did two years ago when I decided to lose weight. No rhyme or reason, I just felt today was the day to start ‘sorting shit out’ again. Aka, get back to the gym, eat better and lose more weight.


So the first thing I did was lay out my gym kit last night so that when I finally got round to getting dressed (after Jeremy Kyle of course – shut up, don’t tell me you haven’t watched it too), I’d have no excuse. OK, Part One executed.


Secondly, I went back to using spray oil again for cooking. I’d got into the habit of using olive oil from a bottle and it’s so easy to use up a few extra hundred calories just by not being careful, so by switching to spray oil, I know how many calories I’m using. So I dry-fried a tortilla wrap (I’ll switch back to Weight Watcher wraps because that saves about 80 calories) and two eggs. Breakfast done.


Next, I started using My Fitness Pal again. It’s amazing how accountable it makes me feel. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not mega strict about it, but for me, knowing roughly how many calories I’m eating is a good way to keep me on track because you’d be amazed at how quickly they add up. (And how many calories are in Fruit Pastilles.) Actually, you probably won’t be surprised, you know where I’m coming from. But yeah, My Fitness Pal is a good idea.


I went to the gym and had a ‘proper’ sessions, as opposed to just having a stroll on the treadmill, doing a few sit-ups then having a coffee in the café. I upped my cardio, went back on the spin bike (boy, do I need to ahem, toughen up down there again), and upped my weights again. I came away feeling smug and sweaty.


weight loss


I ate some fruit. I know, ground-breaking stuff, but when you’ve been eating cake as a snack instead, this is a massive deal. I’m going to the shops tonight after work to stock up on more fruit so I’m less tempted. I mean let’s face it, an apple will never be a great substitute for a cream slice, but you have to at least try.


And that brings me up to tea-time. Where I’m going to have a grilled steak and some salad. And totally NOT have halloumi. OK, I had a slice when I cooked some for Dexter earlier, but I did only have one slice and I’ve put it into My Fitness Pal so it’s accounted for.


Mentally, I’m going to just think about taking one week at a time again and go from there, rather than think about the stupid bastard 9lbs I’ve put on. I’m an idiot. But it’s Monday, it’s a new week, a new start blah blah blah, but if you’ve fallen off the wagon like me, let’s just get back on it together.


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  1. Yes! I’m on that train too! Saw a photo of how I looked after I had lost my weight at the weekend and wasn’t actually sure it was me – I looked so good. So that image is planted in my mind and it is that person’s voice I am hearing in my head not the fat one I have been hearing the last few months ! Will let u know how I get on but feeling determined right now! One day at a time – let’s keep it up!

    1. Oh Janet, good on you! I don’t have a picture in my head but I do have a feeling … of how it felt to be able to easily do my jeans up, not to feel bloated and to look in the mirror and like what I saw. So I’m holding onto that. Day 2 – done. x

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