I like this blog to be a relatively happy space but equally, most things annoy me in life, so I thought I’d write a (very cathartic for me) list of 8 things that have mildly irritated me this week. To clarify, these are extras on top of the usual things like people not indicating or the price of an Americano.


  1. Chin hairs. All hair in general really. I’m not sure whether I wish someone had forewarned me about extra facial hair the older I got or not, because it’s not been the nicest surprise, and it is a constant battle. Thank God I’m actually a natural blonde! Although having said that, all this extra hair seems to be grey. Grim. Dennis Healey-esque white eyebrow hairs that stick out at right angles, one rogue chin hair that just WON’T DISAPPEAR … and don’t even get me started on this blonde fuzz that seems to be covering my entire face. Seriously, just sign me up to the circus already.


  1. LinkedIn. I use this for business, my day job, and although I’m happy doing what I’m doing (and who I’m doing it for), it’s always good to keep an eye on what other jobs are out there and, more importantly, how much they’re willing to pay. Know your worth and all that. So why on earth won’t companies tell you what the salary is? I’m going to find out sooner or later and if you don’t tell me upfront, I just won’t bother applying in the first place. And then we’ll both miss out. Sort. It. Out.


  1. DHL. All courier companies really, but DHL are ground my gears properly this week, and I don’t even know what they’re trying to deliver. Today will be the fourth attempt. Even after leaving a massive note on the front door to say leave it with a neighbour when we went out yesterday, I still came home to a card to say I’d missed them. I spend years of my life waiting in for courier companies.


  1. Virgin Media. I don’t normally name names, but Christ on a bike, I lost the will to live with Virgin earlier this week. Bearing in mind I work from home and y’know, broadband is kinda important, when the speed had dropped so much that I’ve had to tether my laptop to my phone all week, I thought I’d call customer care to see if they could help. We basically just had the ‘just reboot it conversation’ for a whole hour, only for the problem to be actually slightly worse than it was before. And guess what? I now have to wait in on a Saturday for an engineer (as well as the bloody courier.) And I should point out I pay £50 a month for super f**k of speed broadband.


  1. Dating. I’ve given you a few dating updates recently, and you’ve seen the type of messages I get, but one thing has really bugged me this week and it’s getting messages that just say what this particular bloke likes. So, “I love redheads.” Or, “Mmmm nice curves.” Or, “Great figure.” Look, it’s all complimentary for once, so that’s an improvement, and I know some blokes are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t … insofar as I know some are told, “Don’t just say hi or hello,” but why do I care what turns you on? At least at this stage. So you like redheads, erm well done? If they’re expecting me to thank them for approving of my appearance, they’ll have a long wait. Seriously guys, just saying hello and trying to get to me is honestly the best way to approach most women on dating sites.


  1. Catch up TV. Here’s a guest annoyance from my blogging mate Nickie (who blogs at I Am Typecast.) I was having a moan to her and I let her join in … and then got a massive tirade from her and I realised I’d awoken the beast. So I’ll just take one of her points. When you go away on holiday and have to madly catch up on TV in a short space of time and avoid all social media for fear of spoilers. And I feel her pain on this one because I found out Yan left GBBO via Twitter. An immediate unfollow for that person. So yeah, woe is her for going on holiday, but her point still stands.


  1. Louis Walsh. Look, I know the X Factor is fixed, but it doesn’t stop me watching it every year, it’s my only guilty pleasure. (Ha, we all know that’s not true!) And the whole ‘kicking someone off and bringing them back later because DRAMA’ thing is so obvious, but I still can’t help myself screaming at the TV! And Louis Walsh did exactly that when he got rid of Aidan this week. Who no doubt he’ll bring back. And yes, I need to get a life.


  1. Hospital parking. I had a great experience at the hospital today wherein I was in and out in ten minutes, getting back to my car earlier than the time of my actual appointment. Still had to pay £2 for parking though. The amount of money they make is ridiculous and one can only hope it’s ploughed back into the hospital and not syphoned off by some car parking conglomerate.


You know what, I didn’t realise how long this post was! So I’ll stop here but trust me, I have plenty PLENTY of other things I could moan about. But won’t … at least for now.


Your turn. What’s got your goat this week?


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