It’s officially Autumn. It should be my favourite season of the year because my birthday MONTH is September, but I’ve always been a sunshine lover so summer wins every time for me. Having said that, I do have a penchant (ha, me and my fancy words) for autumnal clothing. It’s cosy, it’s warm, it covers up my bingo wings and it means I can wear one of my 47 pairs of boots. Winning!


Now, I would love to have been able to model some new clothes I’ve recently bought, but I’m skint. So we’re both going to have to make do with the fact that I’ve just put some time and effort into scouring the internet for clothes I think both you and I will like, so until I win the lottery (if I actually remember to buy a ticket) I thought I’d do a little series of blog posts about autumn clothing I’m loving at the moment.


Today’s blog post – jumpers! I’ve looked at four different websites: Simply Be, JD Williams, Hush and New Look. Just click on the links to find out more and just to say, these aren’t affiliate links so (unfortunately), I don’t earn anything if you buy them, I just thought it was nice to share!


Oasis Esther Embroidered Knit – £45


best autumn jumpers


I’m not a particularly flowery person but I thought this jumper was really pretty. I think the flowers being just on the shoulders would be flattering to us larger-boobed ladies, it goes up to a size XXXL, has a cute (but not too cutesy) bow at the back and a small frill at the end of the sleeves. Would really dress up a plain pair of jeans I think.


Oasis Funnel Colourblock Jumper – £38


best autumn jumpers


Coincidentally, this jumper from Simply Be is also an Oasis jumper, and this too goes up to a size XXXL. I’m not sure what that equates to – a size 18/20 maybe? I’m a sucker for a grey jumper (I already have three), but the addition of the mint colour at the top makes this a little different. Looks lovely and cosy doesn’t it?


Ruffle Yoke Jumper – From £21-£26


best autumn jumpers


This jumper from JD Williams actually goes up to a size 34 (good on you JDW!) and I chose it because it’s a dressy, going out OUT jumper, that I think would look lovely with a skirt, as shown in the picture. I think the sheer V-neck is very flattering to all boobs and it’s a pretty good price too.


Metallic Cold Shoulder – £22


best autumn jumpers


Another going out jumper from JD Williams and this one is perfect to carry through until Christmas – metallic AND cold shoulder, a lovely combination that would work equally as well going out for dinner or chilling at home on Christmas Day. I also like the ruffle details on the sleeves … a nice touch.


Pink Wrap Jumper – £28


best autumn jumpers


I don’t wear baby pink like ever, but I LOVE this jumper! I’ve never seen a wrap jumper like this before but it’s gorgeous. It’s loose, so doesn’t cling, but the V-neck (again) is just so flattering. I think out of all the jumpers, this is probably the one I’ll save up to buy.


Love Jumper – £85


best autumn jumpers


Hush is a little on the pricey side but they do have unique clothes that you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else, like this Love jumper. I’m an old romantic at heart, and I quite like the idea of walking around embossed in love! (Even if I can’t find a boyfriend.) So whilst my search for love continues, I’ll just wrap myself up in love … literally. Currently only have a Large size available.


Mustard Ribbed Choker Neck – £19.99


best autumn jumpers


And finally, this mustard jumper from New Look. I don’t really like things around my neck, feels a little claustrophobic, but I think I could wear this jumper. I don’t own anything in mustard, but as you may remember from the summer, I love the colour yellow so this is a good transition for me. It’s cheap, so even if it only lasted one season, it’s not so bad. Also comes in baby pink and black.


I hope you liked what I chose – do you like this type of blog post? I think I’ll follow up with a party dress post and maybe a boots one. Let me know what you’d like to see.


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