So hereby officially ends my birthday month. Waaaaaah! It was great, really great. In fact, it was so much fun, I think I might just try and recreate it each month! It’s interesting to see what a difference it made to consciously go out of my way to treat myself kindly. To spoil myself with trips to the seaside. To eat good food. To spend time with loved ones and people that make me smile.


So I thought I’d write a list of things that make me happy, in the hope that if I vocalise some of them, I can ensure I do at least one of them a day. The world isn’t a great place to be in right now and I think it’s important we try and focus on making our lives a little happier if we can. I know first-hand it’s not always that easier, but I’m going to try.


1.   Facebook memes – either being the tagger or taggee. My best friend and eldest son have a very similar sense of humour to me and by law, I should be tagged at least once a day.

2.   Good coffee – I certainly don’t get good coffee at home, I’m more quantity than quality, but there’s nothing nicer than finding a nice independent coffee shop on my travels that sells a good cup of black, strong coffee.

3.   Halloumi – my halloumi addiction has waned slightly, thank God, it was getting ridiculous, but I found myself buying another pack in M&S today. AND they’ve put up the price! I need to find something cheaper to be addicted to quickly.

4.   Being paid on time – as a freelancer, a lot of my time is spent chasing people for money, for work I’ve produced on time. It comes with the territory unfortunately, so when someone pays me on time, it’s not only a huge relief (yay to being able to pay the rent), but yeah, just yay to being able to pay the rent.

5.   Being cooked for – Ben, my eldest, is training to be a chef and it’s so wonderful to see him so passionate about his career. What’s also wonderful, is that when he visited for the week last week, I got cooked for! As a long-term single woman, this is a rarity and something I’m very appreciative of.

6.   Kissing – who doesn’t like kissing? I could just do with more of it in my lift tbh. Form an orderly queue.

7.   Hot baths – I mean scalding hot. Can’t be good for me, but it’s just something I look forward to every night. Although I did buy Radox’s ‘Man’ bubble range the other day so I could well grow a penis any minute.

8.   Afternoon Tea – my best friend bought me a voucher for Afternoon Tea at my favourite local café for my birthday and I can’t wait! I don’t know what it is about Afternoon Tea that makes me smile so much … hang on, yeah I do, it’s cake. Man, I love the cake. She wrote at the bottom of the voucher that it would be null and void if I didn’t take her, so I have no choice really.

9.   TV Programmes I really shouldn’t be watching – OK, guilty pleasure time, but there are a couple of shows I’m loving at the moment, but they’re not exactly high-brow. Quite the opposite. But I can’t help myself! Such as Teen Mom UK (and if anyone else watches this, I saw Mia outside the London Eye on Saturday!), Bachelor in Paradise (I would legit have Dan’s babies), Masterchef Australia … aah, that’s not so cheesy but it’s on every day so I have 14 episodes to catch up on, and no-one really should spend that much time on a cooking show, and anything to do with buying a property abroad. Not that any of them ever do. There’s also one called Sex Pod on MTV, but I’m not going to mention that.

10.   The seaside – I have a print at home that I bought in Brighton that says: ‘One day we will wake up and find that we live by the sea.’ I long for this to be a reality. For me to own my own home again. To wake up, look out of the window and at least see a glimpse of water … preferably turquoise blue and not in the UK.

11.   Dogs – need I say more? In fact, I was that person the other day that deliberately made conversation with a stranger outside Tescos because she had an Akita puppy with her. Not only that, but I asked if I could take Luna’s photos! Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if there were more dogs and less humans?



12.   Fruit Pastilles – but not any Fruit Pastilles. Oh no. You can buy a bag that are just red and black sweets. Whatever woman thought that idea up is a genius.

13.   Old photos – Dad found some old photos the other day, and I know he’s got dozens of albums still to go through, but it’s been lovely reminiscing and looking at old photos of us as a family, of me as a child. It’s obviously all the more poignant because Mum is no longer with us, and although part of me is sad looking at these photos, they’re still wonderful.



What makes you happy? Let me know.


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  1. Hey Kate! How are u doing? Life can be a bit tough sometimes but it is well worth the ups and downs – keep focussed on what you enjoy and is good in your life – the rest will follow I am sure! Xx

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