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Every time I head out to the backyard, I can’t help but think of ways to beautify the space – all the greenery and the pavement practically screams out “spruce me up!” After all, having landscaping options is one of the indelible benefits of owning a home.



You cannot start any project without installing a timer-set sprinkler first. A well-kept lawn is the focal point of any backyard. Once the grass starts to die, if not watered properly, you’ve got a needlessly expensive road ahead trying to get it back to its former glory. I recommend going with local sprinkler system companies because of their familiarity with the local climate and residential layout.


  1. Make A Visual Impact Using Ground Cover And Pavers


The beauty of this landscaping idea is in its affordability. I get pavers from my local DIY hardware store; you can do the same, or head to a Home Depot or similar place. They are great for fashioning mosaic patterns in different parts of the backyard, where they work in conjunction with the grass to make a visually-appealing presentation.


Although I prefer unfussy dandelions and lemon thyme to accent the pavers and ground cover, you can choose sedum or any other year-round plant that isn’t high-maintenance. You also want something that doesn’t need too much water. It’s your choice whether you want to make piles of stones, or dig holes to ensure everything is flush with the grass/ground.


  1. Add A Pergola For Family Gatherings


Not only are there a plethora of outdoor pergola designs to choose from, they offer as much functionality as beauty. In the summers, when the temperature zooms upward, pergolas also provide shade and chop up the air to create a soothing wind effect. In the fall, you’ll be protected from rain. That barbecue gathering has never been more fun with one of these in your backyard.


  1. Add Planters With Perennial Plants


Digging up your yard for a “true” garden can be taxing work – sometimes, you don’t even have enough soil if the yard is pavement-dominated. This doesn’t mean you have to settle for a space without much greenery, though; use planters to add color. Make them doubly useful by planting vegetables such as collard greens and lemon trees in larger-variety planters.


Terracotta makes for a very attractive material for planters. A few perennial plants you can try are coneflower, sage, baptisia and astilbe. Mix and match them for a truly colorful display.


  1. Have You Ever Considered Vertical Landscaping?


When I read about this in a magazine, inspiration hit me since I don’t have the biggest backyard. Building up with the right greenery choices gives the impression of more space, and creates a visual effect that’s hard to beat.


Plants such as ivy wrapped around embedded wooden stakes, graduated planters harboring flowers and moth mullein work very well for this effect. I was dazzled by the sheer “purpleness” of wild lupine in a vertical garden landscape I saw at a conservatory. Pair them with horsetail to maximize the space available.


  1. Colour Completes Everything


Even if you’re more inclined to uniformity in your garden, there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of colour to break up the monotony. If nothing else, it’ll divert attention to make sure visitors take in every part of your handiwork and choices. Blooming flowers work wonders for creating a wonderland of sorts, so either plant some directly in the ground, or use graduated planters to add colour above ground. You won’t need more than a few colours to make an impression.


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