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Facebook is great for lots of things. Cat gifs. (My) dating horror stories. Catching up with my Aussie family… and getting recommendations for things that I want to buy. But as much as I love my Facebook family, I still always go on to do my own research when buying new things. It just makes sense.


One of my go-to resources is Which?. I’ve used it for years whenever I’ve wanted to buy something that’s either of a significant monetary value or, perhaps more importantly, when it’s been something for the children. Things like safety, value for money and user friendliness are super important to me so it’s been invaluable. Perhaps you’ve used Which? yourself too? But if you haven’t, or you’re a lapsed user, I have a great offer I want to tell you about today. (Basically, you’re getting money for nothing, so do read on!)




Special Offer:


You can receive a free £5 gift card when you take out a £1 for 1 month trial of Which?, in association with Tots100. The card is redeemable at, Marks & Spencer, Starbucks, Argos and John Lewis – all the places you no doubt already shop at. Once you sign up, you will be confirmed as a valid customer and your voucher will be emailed to you. Your membership automatically continues after the trial at £10.75 a month, but it can be cancelled at any time.


Here’s how to claim your voucher:


To claim your £5 eGift:


  1. Click through to the TOTS 100 Blogger Network landing page HERE
  2. Enter your name and email address (this is only used for checking you are a valid Which? customer and sending your eGift)
  3. On the thank you page, click “Try Which?”
  4. Fill in the Which? registration form and start your £1 trial
  5. Once you have been confirmed as a valid Which? customer, you will be emailed your £5 eGift within 45 days


It’s as simple as it sounds.


I’ve used Which? when researching laptops and TVs (in fact, parents amongst you will feel my pain with this one – Dexter’s 12-year-old TV broke three weeks ago and he’s been using the lounge TV to use his Xbox, which has been painful for all concerned, namely me. So I’ve been reading Which? so that I can see if I can afford to replace the TV in his room because IT HAS MEANT I HAVEN’T WATCHED FRIENDS IN THREE WEEKS!)


I digress. At Which? you can compare products you want to buy with other products on the market. You can also compare prices so you can always be confident you’re getting the best product for the right price. There’s a set of ‘Best Buys’ recommendations for each type of product tested, and this is great. They also warn you about the ‘Don’t Buy’ products you should avoid, and, especially if you’re a new parent (although I’m still learning and I’ve been a parent for 22 years!) there is a wealth of baby and child-related content that is available to members that I think you’d find really useful.


They’re 100% independent, their reviews are always straight to the point and unbiased and you probably already know enough about Which? without me waffling on, but you get the point.


For a taste of what Which? can offer parents, check out their free guide on buying the right baby products here.


The offer is a £1 month-long trial of the magazine, app and site, and if you like it you don’t need to do anything as it then it rolls into a monthly subscription unless you cancel.


I think it’s definitely worth signing up to, get your £5 gift card and if you want to the subscription can be cancelled at any point. Although I’m sure you’ll want it to carry on once you’ve read it.


Mine’s a large skinny latte if you’re buying!


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