I don’t get to go to the cinema much these days … at least not to see films I actually want to watch (#MumLife), so I was delighted when I was asked to watch an advanced screening of the new Dame Judi Dench film, Victoria and Abdul. And there wasn’t a Marvel character in sight … bliss!


You may have seen a trailer for this film recently, and it may have piqued your interest, so I’m going to tell you what I thought of the film. No particular spoilers to be had, but it was such a beautiful film, I really want to urge you all to watch it.


The true story of Abdul Karim, and his relationship with Queen Victoria, only came to light in 2010, when one of his elderly relatives came forward with Abdul’s diary, in which it chronicles Queen Victoria and Abdul’s unusual friendship and his story begins in India, with Karim being chosen as one of two Indian waiters to present the Queen with a gift for her Golden Jubilee. She was instantly charmed by Karim and within a year he had transcended from waiting tables to becoming a powerful figure within the royal court … but more importantly, he became her teacher (her ‘Munshi’) and a loving and loyal friend.


victoria and abdul


The casting of Karim is perfect. He starts out as a lighthearted character, alongside his comedic fellow Indian waiter, but as their friendship grows, so does the depth of the acting. But Dench is, of course, the star. I don’t know how she does it but she can convey so much with the merest movement of her head of purse of her lips. You know that whatever film she appears in, the acting will be impeccable, and this film is no different. She is sheer perfection. The rest of the cast is also great – Michael Gambon, Simon Callow and Tim Piggott-Smith to name but a few, but Eddie Izzard, who plays her son was great – he plays the angry buffoon perfectly.


I’m not going to talk any more about the storyline because I really do want you to see it. It’s funny, fascinating and really bloody sad, and I loved every minute of it.


A definite 10/10 popcorns from me!


The film is released on 15th September and you can get your tickets from www.VictoriaAndAbdul.co.uk.


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